Adopted by ashton

Hi my name is Chloe and one day I get adopted by Ashton irwin


4. mi bday yay !!!!

*skip the rest of the day*


The next morning I woke up and ran into Ashton's room and yelled in his ear "IT MY BIRTHDAY AND IM 18YEARS OLD " he jumped up ran downstairs and I followed him " no go back upstairs " he screamed and I went up and put my bathing suit on and I went out the back downstairs and did a run and double twist into the pool " wow " I heard before I was pulled under the water. I got out of the water and dryer myself And went onto a sunbed until I got squirted by all the-boy I jumped and ran and I slipped into the pool

"Help mi luke "

" okay " he says he got my hand but pulled mi up but I pulled him in the water and laughed my ass off I got out quickly and ran he got out and he moaned " don't do that I hate ya Chloe " " what do I get for mi bday then"I say putting my hands on my hips he sighed and said come I followed him into the househe passed mi a present I opened it and it was a puppy "OMG HE IS SI CUTE I LOVE IT " i yelled and we went out for dinner and the spent the rest of the day waching movies A/N

That's it for today probably

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