Adopted by ashton

Hi my name is Chloe and one day I get adopted by Ashton irwin


6. liar

Chloe POV


I decided to ask Ashton when Keira is getting adopted or he said it so i would come with him cause she was suppose to get her

" Ashton when is Chloe getting adopted " I ask him

"Uh yeah the thing about that she isn't getting adopted " " you lied to so I could come with you your a fuckin bastard why " I day now with tears in my eyes " your a fucking liar go to hell " " don't day that again Chloe " " your not my dad so ya can't tell me what do "

Ashtons POV

Why did I have to lie I should have adopted Keira for her birthday present I so stupid Chloe put on her shoes and ran out the door with her clothe in a bag " LUKE GET HERE NOW PLZ " I yelled I bet it woken Michael up cause of how Load I yelled " what's wrong mate where's Chloe " Luke says " she ran away and I can't go to find her I screwed up and she left find her for me plz thanx mate I sorry of but she has a thingy for ya

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