Adopted by ashton

Hi my name is Chloe and one day I get adopted by Ashton irwin


2. he adopting mi

I woken up by mi friend shaking mi

- wake up a person is coming to adopt some one today so get ya lazy ass out that bed

She said I sighed

- okay I'll get up I'll be down soon

I got out of bed and put on and green day shirt and black skinny ripped jeans ducal van and put a hoodie on and ran downstairs and sat next to mi friend Keira once I finished my breakfast I ran up stairs and started playing mi guitar

- Chloe get down here people are here to adopt children age 14 -18 here and that means ya

I ran down the stairs stood next to Keira and I aw a boy with hazel eyes and brown hair he came up to mi

- hello I'm Ashton and you are

- uh hi I'm Chloe nice to meet ya Ashton

I ran up the stairs and got mi guitar and I play the American idiot

After I finished the song there was a knock at the door

- come in

I shout the door opens and Ashton's head pops in the door

- ya really good singer I came here to tell ya that ya getting adopted by mi


I yell

- yes I'm adopting you so pack up now we are leaving in a bit

- I don't want to leave Keira though

- even though she is getting adopted by my band mate luke we all live in the same house do yeah you'll be together

After I finished pack I went downstairs to where Ashton was signing papers for the adoption

" come Chloe we are going now " he said I say good bye to every one and get into the limo and we start driving away from the centre

AN I'm sorry my other fan fics deleted by them selfs vut u don't know how I'm going to do them again opal

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