Adopted by ashton

Hi my name is Chloe and one day I get adopted by Ashton irwin


3. going to the mall

* arrived at the house *

When we arrived at the house u was amazed the house was huge " this house is huge and awesome " I say as we walk in and I ask where my bedroom was and Ashton walked mi to mi new room and started unpacking the little do I know I stuff I had

Then I walked downstairs and I called Ashton then I went to the living room "SUPRISE" Ashton and other people said " okay but don't do that again I hate suprises I just hate them " I say walking away "wait where you going " "uh to the mall I can go by myself ya know I got to get an outfit for mi bday tomoz anyway" I say " uh uh you ain't going by ya self uh uh" all of then say at the same time " I'd rather go by mi self " I say walking to the door and getting in the limo

At the mall

When I arrived at the mall I walked into primark and a saw Keira she ran over to mi and gave mi the biggest hug ever we laughed and we carried on shopping I found this crop top that says all time low and a black shirt with theses boots for my birthday out fit I brought it and went to to the limo and went back home

AN I'm sorry it's short but I'll update

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