MJ Dandelion

Meghan "MJ" James commit suicide when she was bullied and her friends wants nothing to do with her she got in the mental intuition things were going to be okay for most of the part she is going to get the help that she needs it's going to be a month because of what she did things got better in the ending when she saw her parents for the first time.



"The background of these kids at the mental intuition isn't easy and it's not even a joke this is serious and people who are going thorugh this today if can't nobody help you in this case then you need to have a introduction for yourself"

"The first and second day is never a good feeling for you to be alone with the same thing over and over for the first to know how it feels like you're alone always know is that everyone needs the help that you can do it for no one else only you can."

"When the confused with someone who is the one that doesn't get who you are looking for in a friend of yours who has the same story that you go through then you have the chance to let people know what you are saying about your story."

"Each kid had to show what are their likes and dislikes about themselves they really had some good and bad ones to say about their personality the way they said it how they were treating every day was painful and they never gave up they just tried harder to get right where they at in life."

Kids use their imagination of the time of where they at when they were little and hanging out with the wrong people that wasn't like them too and the aggression was on them to take it out on when you have this imagination and people are thinking that your weird don't let it bother you or who you are."

"Be true and staying true is one of a kind when you depend on others then it"ll get back at you like it crazy about the new things and then you will find yourself for where you need to be strong and find you believing."

"Remember that Teens and kids are born in this world can be even more to handle when they go through enough to remember who were treated or left handed to the people who knew what to believe or expect their is no one to blame one day you have the rights to know where is your best choices as decsions to make."

Last week is the experience where you have the chance to meet new people who went through the process of creating an excellent choice for themselves as kids so they have the knowledge to show how people who are disable to understand what bullying means to them by sending the message as what MJ said is "light you candle and make sure that your wish can be serious" they did and listen to what she has to say mj dandelion has a meaning of many things over the moon and the next morning to the sun." 


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