MJ Dandelion

Meghan "MJ" James commit suicide when she was bullied and her friends wants nothing to do with her she got in the mental intuition things were going to be okay for most of the part she is going to get the help that she needs it's going to be a month because of what she did things got better in the ending when she saw her parents for the first time.


8. Last Week

Today everyone was thanking the man upstairs who give them the right opportunity to get some help with them being disable and loving life it can be hard to find, believe and live when it's rough times when you are doing it by yourself they figure out how can you find your way and yourself in many ways that they can handle as kids.

These projects and activities that they were doing to express themselves and showing them the best way of controlling your angry or depressed maybe even alone and scared they were modest as they are attached mj didn't what to explain the situation of the whole thing about her family

Lana and Nicholas were talking about mj and a lot of emotions that they making so many memories altogether to let go of all through it feels like they were here together forever after the night and just for tonight nicholas is going to make a move on mj it did work out they had a divine night.

MJ mother and father came to pick her up and she saw them it was different atomsphere they changed a lot so did she mj parents got her and said goodbye to lana and the rest of the kids nicholas kiss her on the cheek.

MJ started out a fresh new start she is moving to another city for now starting brand new wasn't the best thing for her to do is to forgive them and their enemies. Lana saw her dad and they had a rough patch in the past but now her dad treated her like his princess. Ivy went to see her projects on her wall she pick them up and running down she saw her steparents and she did brought along heidi with her to live together. Jasper and Nicholas were the last ones they made a rap song and then they left together with being healthy matter of fact soon enough they'll see each other again which they did and had the best time they ever had altogether. 

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