MJ Dandelion

Meghan "MJ" James commit suicide when she was bullied and her friends wants nothing to do with her she got in the mental intuition things were going to be okay for most of the part she is going to get the help that she needs it's going to be a month because of what she did things got better in the ending when she saw her parents for the first time.


2. First Day

Last night MJ went into the ambulance on her to the hospital she has this feeling that the hospital can be a little bit too much for her to start with.

MJ strategy was to get more help with her health and safety in this city mj hadn't been able to get some more information about how long would she be here she ask the lady "how long do i have to stay here"

MJ doesn't get the best way to answer these questions about how much understanding about this hospital maybe it's best that doesn't ask more questions for the night.

Her mother called her and she was silent for the first time when she called mj hanged up the phone and she saw her room her roommate was doing yoga at twelve in the morning she thought that this is going to be a long journey for the month.

It was morning she had to draw blood for the doctor then she met lana rei that was her name then lana got to be five inches tall and wears high heels to make her more taller mj is nervous at the fact that she thinks that she isn't scared of anything that has something to do with not liking people.

MJ and the others went out for breakfast and they think that this is a buffet which is true mj said "heidi this that you're name so them shorts are hot to fire" heidi liked her shorts too they both were saying "shorts are for girls too right" heidi is so a feminist at most of the time now mj could tell about her personality.

 MJ started out watching tv and lana was listening to music by her favourite singer that is after her name she felt that as lana being an alcoholic back then that is when the comminting sucide comes in mj went back to her room she needed peace and quiet lana considering how much can mj can do yoga for at least 60 minutes. 

Jasper and heidi had a place to talk by making out on the floor she had the bets that popcorn over cheesecake that some girl type of crap so they all pick cheesecake over popcorn. Everyone is getting ready to talk about why and how they get to the hospital all of them sounded really shy from saying these kind of things when it's sad everyone has been struggling with this kind of violence so after that they did some activities. 

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