MJ Dandelion

Meghan "MJ" James commit suicide when she was bullied and her friends wants nothing to do with her she got in the mental intuition things were going to be okay for most of the part she is going to get the help that she needs it's going to be a month because of what she did things got better in the ending when she saw her parents for the first time.


1. Cast/Introduction/Background

Main Character: Meghan "MJ" James is eightten years old in her senior year things were rough in the beginning of her school year she has been nothing but kind and generous to people but it doesn't work out for her to be friends with she thought that everyone forgotten that she exist in the school they think that she is a joke and when she says something they think that it's funny whem she commit suicide she didn't know what to do about it when she went in the mental intuition she thinks it wasn't going to be that bad as long she gets help that she needs then it'll be okay when she was done with everything she was going to live a healthier life.

Lana Rei: Lana is seventeen years old in her sophmore year her life was tough when her parents adopted her and send her to the hospital to get some help back then a lot were talking about her saying a lot of rude things that wasn't even call for this was her second time going here for depression she has been mosleted as being fourteen twice lana is mj roommate they didn't get along at first then they told their stories then they got along as sisters. 

Ivy Roman: ivy is fifteen years old she is the youngest girl in the group her being a freshman is kind of not easy because she just wants to fit in the crowd life isn't the same when her mother and father are getting a divorce she might have to be going to her grandmother house where she was hurt by her aunt and uncle she comes back home she wants to live with her steparents 

Heidi Moore: heidi is twelve years old she just that when she started to have anxiety when she had the medicine that was making her go crazy with putting her asleep threaten by her cousins and friend who was laughing around the corner gossiping by her being not smart enough to hang out with them heidi is going to put up a fight with her getting some help. 

Jasper Simmons: jasper is nineteen years old on his way to college he had some trouble dealing with his parents hitting himself for no reason he thought that was anger issues and he goes to the hospital for the first time when he gotnto know his roommate Chrissy then things got turned out to be okay.

Nicholas Rice: Nicholas is eightteen years old and he is attracted to mj and he really wants to go out on a date with her everything was okay since he got more help he can be socially awarkard when it's about girls him and mj get along great as friends he gets real tired of people being rude to him but not anymore he got some help with coping skills with him socially. 

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