MJ Dandelion

Meghan "MJ" James commit suicide when she was bullied and her friends wants nothing to do with her she got in the mental intuition things were going to be okay for most of the part she is going to get the help that she needs it's going to be a month because of what she did things got better in the ending when she saw her parents for the first time.


6. Be True to Yourself

Each person is finally leaving until the end of four weeks they were so happy to go home parents are calling and meetings to meet them has been a good start for them to see how much they love them and leaving them they just needed some help for the first time when they actaully needed them it was bad timing.

Whenever mj thinks about it being disable isn't easy for her or anybody no one is perfect they just make wrong choices in life once they be okay if they believe in themselves then they'll succed and one day they tell others who are gone thorugh these kind of things then they are going to start strong and tell their stories.

Lana was listening to mj this whole time and fought for who they were and join together as being best friends to trust who they are in the real world lana is like mj sister she listens to each other stories then things that are not the same when they were hanging out with the wrong people then they learned a lesson

Ivy has been wanting to get some help with her disablilty from the beginning of how can someone tell her how much can she handle missing the ones that love her who she is emotionally they all know how they feel from the start when she first met them.

MJ and realize that the dream that she had was coming true she had believing in fantasies that she imagine as a little girl and she needed to hold on a little more than she does and mj is going to be okay with the fact that it's going to be strange when her parents see her she wasn't sure if that is the meaning of love means that too much was on her mind.

Nicholas went to talk to mj about her and him being in a relationship mj does love him he kiss her like candy mj would definitely go out with him he's nice to her she told him that she never been in love with someone that is nice to her before them got to know who they were as stories.


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