i need you/bts

"why do you want me?"
"i need you"
Why do you want me taehyung.so many girls love you"
"I can't forgive you from want to did"


1. Hey?

Today is going to be anthor day when I go to school and nothing happen. I get ready and go to school. When I get to school I see Kim taehyung. One of the most popular kid in the school walking with his gang. I had a somewhat crush on him. I try to act like I was not looking but fail. He made eye contact with me. I stood there frozen not knowing want to do. He whispered something into his friend's ear and they walked away leaving me and teahyung alone."hello" he said with a big smile in his face. Some reason I find his smile cute."hey....um.....my name is Bella" I said. "I know". Oh my god his smile is perfect." Well I will see you later" then I walk away. I relise that he is sweet and his voice is wonderful.
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