I dont know what to do anymore...

It seemed like Ashlee had left graduated school, went on tour with her brother's group again and did IT with Michael and a kid but it was all wrong. Ash had waken up from wrist surgery and her parents about to get divorced. She flies out to San Fransisco for her brother and realized she still likes Michael who has a girlfriend...Luna. She's hurt but she stays with Luke and finds a new boyfriend.


2. Two months later....shit

It's been two months since we started the tour. Cool but that doesn't change the fact that Michael and I had sex without protection. Did he use protection? I wasn't too sure but I didn't let it bother me.

We are the state of Illinois. Springfield to be exact. We started the afternoon off with rehearsal. I felt fine during rehearsal. I just felt a little tired because I didn't go to bed until midnight.

Now, it's time for the show. Everyone just a settled and anxiously waiting for it to begin. I felt sick to my stomach for no reason.

I walk on stage and smiled. I performed my songs then in the middle of a song, I run off stage and use the private bathroom and throw up.

Michael and Luke heard and knocked on the door.

"Sis?" You okay??" Luke asked.

"N-no..." I said and stood up.

I flushed the toilet and opened the door. I looked at them. I looked pale and completely tired.

"You're not performing." Michael said and held me in his arms.

I nodded and hugged him.

Luke walked away to go tell Mary that I can't perform at the moment.

"Okay, you guys will just have to go on now." She answered

Michael lead me to the nurses office. "If you need anything, tell Mary to get me and Luke." Michael said.

"I will.." I said softly and kissed his cheek before he hurried off to be with the guys to go on stage.

I sighed and walked into the office. She looks at me, like she's trying to inspect my body without doing anything medical.

"Take this. This will determine if my gut feeling is right." The nurse spoke.

I nodded and went to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test. I took the test then gave it to the nurse after I was done.

She put gloves on then looked at the test carefully.

"I was right. Ms. Hemmings, you're pregnant." She said.

My eyes widen and I looked at her. We didn't use protection....aw man.

"O-okay. T-thank y-you" I said and hurried. I get to the sideline part of the stage.

I look at Michael and he looks at me nervously. Luke looks back at me and I pale.

I walk on stage and walk over to Michael sheepishly.

"What's wrong" Michael asked immediately. He had turned the microphone away.

I gulped and bit my lower lip.

"Michael....I'm pregnant." I answered.

His eyes widen and looked at Luke nervously. Luke's face soften. 'No...' He mouthed.

I nodded and smiled a little. 'I love you lukey' I mouthed.

I grabbed the microphone and took a deep breath. "Hey everyone......sorry I left earlier. I got sick but that's not important at the moment.." I spoke.

Michael wrapped his arm around my shoulder gently. He was in complete shock.

Everyone in the crowd had their eyes glued on me. They wanted answers.

I gulped, "I'm pregnant." I said and gave Michael the microphone back.

Michael just sat there on his stool. He didn't know what to do or say.

Calum and Ashton were in shock and looked at Luke and Michael.

Michael paled a little and Luke was also in shock.

I walked off stage quickly. I was blushing red and hurried to my bus. I sat on my bed and looked at phone in my head. I had to call my mom and tell her I was pregnant...

But how was I suppose to tell her without her getting angry?

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