I dont know what to do anymore...

It seemed like Ashlee had left graduated school, went on tour with her brother's group again and did IT with Michael and a kid but it was all wrong. Ash had waken up from wrist surgery and her parents about to get divorced. She flies out to San Fransisco for her brother and realized she still likes Michael who has a girlfriend...Luna. She's hurt but she stays with Luke and finds a new boyfriend.


5. blackness

Everything was going so good till everything turned black and only black. The black made things seem to disappear forever.

I then blacked out into the mysterious darkness.

I wake up in my 14 year old body. I was in a hospital. "That was all a dream....Michael and I never had a kid...." I frowned and noticed a black brace on my left wrist and my parents who seemed to have been crying looked at me with a smile.

I looked at them to that they had a brief case on either side of them but they sat away from each other.

"Oh my gosh...you're getting a divorce" I spoke.

They both looked at each other then back to me. "Honey..." My father spoke

"Where is Luke?! Does he know?!" I asked getting up

"Sweetheart please lay back" mom spoke gently

"You two are getting a divorce and I want my brother now!" I said

My father looked at my mother.

"He's in the United States..." Mom said

"Wait I'm not in America.." I said

"No sweetie..." My dad said. He has such a thick accent.

"I want to be with my brother!" I said and tears started to fall down my face slowly.

My parents looked at each other and sighed of sadness and nodded.

"After you are released from having your surgery on your wrist." My mom said gently pointing to the black brace/cast on my left wrist.

I looked at the cast thing and look down at my clothes: dark grey sweat pants with a dark blue tank top with black Ugg boots.

I was so confused but sighed as a nurse came in and said I could I leave.

"Thank goodness." I said and hurried out of the hospital with my parents.

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