I dont know what to do anymore...

It seemed like Ashlee had left graduated school, went on tour with her brother's group again and did IT with Michael and a kid but it was all wrong. Ash had waken up from wrist surgery and her parents about to get divorced. She flies out to San Fransisco for her brother and realized she still likes Michael who has a girlfriend...Luna. She's hurt but she stays with Luke and finds a new boyfriend.


1. A little too wild

It's been a while since I was in a coma. Michael and I are back together and I'm glad. I'm going on tour again but I don't have to worry about school.


I'm a little nervous but everything will be fine.

I'm still living with Luke and I'm in my room packing for the trip. Michael is helping me which was probably a bad idea.

Michael was going through my dresser and picking out my bras and underwear.

"You look very nice in lace." Michael smiled.

"Oh really?" I smiled.

"Yes really" Michael smirked and walked over to me and kissed my neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

I smiled and kissed him on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck gently.

He pulled back gently. He smiled and walked back over to my dresser. He grabbed his favorites and placed them in my suitcase. I smiled softly and crossed my arms.

"Really?? All of my lace?" I smirked.

"Yes all of your lace." Michael smirked and placed his hands on my butt.

I laughed a little as I wrap my arms around his waist.

Michael kissed my lips deeply and felt the lace underneath my really short shorts.

I kissed him back smirking against his lips.

Michael laced his fingers with mine. I smiled and pulled back.

"So much for trying to pack." I laugh.

Michael laughed a little and nodded.

"Sorry" he said and kissed my cheek.

"It's fine I promise" I giggle.

I put my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me as he rocked us gently.

I smiled gently and yawned. "You know that makes me sleepy..." I smiled.

"I know" he said softly.

I pulled back after I yawned. I put the rest of my clothes in the suitcase and put some blankets, extra earbuds, and extra phone chargers in my bag. I zip the bag up and place it on the floor.

"You are spending the first week with me in my bus" I smirked.

"Of course" Michael smiled

I chuckled softly and sat on my bed. Michael looked at me and smirked. He kissed my neck gently then pulled back.

"See you tonight love" Michael winked and kissed my lips.

I pouted. "Bye" I kissed his lips gently.

"Why are you pouting?" Michael asked sitting on his knees and looks up at me.

"Because you are always leaving when we get into the mood." I poured again.

"Tonight you and me are going to get into the mood and have fun." Michael winked

I blushed red and smirked a little. I kissed Michael's forehead. Michael smiled and stood up. I stood up and hugged him. He kissed my forehead and rubbed my back gently.

"I'll see you later" Michael whispered then walked out closing the door behind him.

"See ya...." I said softly after he left.

I sighed a little and laid on my bed. I looked at the ceiling. I rubbed my face and couldn't wait till tonight. I sat up and looked down.

"Tonight is too far away.....even if it's four hours away..." I whispered to myself.

I grabbed my suitcase and took it downstairs. I placed it next to Luke's luggage. I noticed that Luke was sitting at the table looking at his phone.

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him.

"Hey sis" Luke said.

"Hi Luke" I answered putting my head next to his.

He glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back. Luke smirked and reached his hand back tickling my side. I started to laugh and moved out of the way.

"That's what you get for standing that close," Luke smirked.

"Yay whatever" I smirked.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Finally! Time to go be with Michael on my tour bus. Yes!

I'm so excited! I grabbed my suitcases and phone plus earbuds and phone charger. I walked with Luke to his car. He placed our luggage in the trunk and we both went to the studio in his car. I was already in my pjs and yawning.

"Just don't fuck to hard now" Luke smirked.

I blushed red, "shut up..."

Luke snickered and we started driving to the studio which was only ten minutes away.

We get to the studio and the tour buses are ready to pack and get on. Luke pulls in and parks. We grab our luggage and head over to our separate buses. I walk into my tour bus to see Michael already waiting for me with a smirk on his.

I smirked and placed my luggage in my closet. Michael came back when the buses were ready to leave.

He sat on my bed and pulled me onto lap. He kissed my neck and I smirked. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He kept his arms around my waist pulling me closer slowly.

He finally pulled away after ten minutes for air.

"damn. Didn't know you could hold your breath that long." I smirked

"Neither could I" Michael smirked again.

He gently grabbed my butt. He stood up while holding me. He placed me on the bed and we started to have sex. The bus was moving but it was a smooth ride.

We were sleeping in bed after 20 minutes. I was in pain but I had a smile on my face. We both had pjs on.

I felt like we were missing something...I don't know. Maybe we forgot protection. Ha, oh wait....

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