I dont know what to do anymore...

It seemed like Ashlee had left graduated school, went on tour with her brother's group again and did IT with Michael and a kid but it was all wrong. Ash had waken up from wrist surgery and her parents about to get divorced. She flies out to San Fransisco for her brother and realized she still likes Michael who has a girlfriend...Luna. She's hurt but she stays with Luke and finds a new boyfriend.


3. 5 months down, 4 to go

When I had told my mother, she was silent for the at least five minutes then spoke. She wasn't mad or disappointed. She was actually shocked and kinda happy. Well that's not what I was expecting.

I laid on my bed next to Michael, who decided to be with me and there for me. His arm was around my shoulders. I had a hand on my stomach and smiled softly.

The tour was over which was kinda sad but it's whatever.

Michael looked at my stomach and placed his hand on mine. He smiled softly and leaned over to kiss my stomach. Michael kissed my stomach softly. He rubbed my shoulder gently.

"Ready to go to the appointment?" I asked softly since Michael was driving.

"Of course I am. I'll be right by your side...if you want me too..." Michael said and looked down.

"Of course I want you at my side. Why would you think that?" I answered and put my hand on his cheek.

He looked over at me with tears in his eyes.

"I-I got you pregnant and...I'm sorry. I forgot and now..." He started but then I interrupted him.

"Hey. It's okay that I'm pregnant alright? Don't blame myself. We both are to blame if we will blame anything. If I didn't want the baby, I probably would have given it up for adoption but I want this baby more than anything...especially since it's yours and mine." I spoke with a smile.

Michael relaxed and smile crept upon his face. He kissed my cheek softly and got off the bed. He walked over to my side and helped me up gently.

"Thank you love" Michael kissed my cheek.

I got up carefully and he helped me walk down the stairs and to the car. He opened the door on the passengers side.

I got in and buckled up. I called Luke and told him that I'm going to the appointment and that we'll be at Calum's house after the appointment.

Luke was shock and not as mad...at Michael. He was pissed off at me but then relaxed and let it go.

"Okay, love you bye" I answered and hung up.

We got to the hospital and got led to a room where they will do a special scan to see if I'm having a girl or a boy. I lay down on the hospital bed thing while they get the stuff ready.

Michael say next to be in a chair and held my hand tightly. I held it back and smiled at him.

A female doctor came and smiled softly, "hello. I'm Dr. Kindly. How has your day been?" She asked.

"Wonderful, thank you for asking Dr. Kindly." I answered with a soft smile as Michael nodded in agreement.

"Wonderful, let's get this started." The doctor smiled and sat down in her chair and started to gently place the cold Ooze on my stomach so she would be able to use the weird camera thing to look inside.

Once the gel was were it was suppose to be, dr. Kindly grabbed the camera and gently placed it on my stomach where the baby is. On the screen came the echo-Sonogram of the small child inside.

I smiled as I look at the picture closely.

"Well congratulations, Miss. Hemmings, you and Mr. Clifford are having a son." She smiled and behind her a printer printed a small picture of the sonogram.

She gently picked it up and gave it to me and Michael.

"Thank you." I smiled before she left.

"You are quite welcome." Dr. Kindly answered with a smile then left.

I put my shirt over my stomach and smiled at Michael.

"A son..." Michael repeated softly with a smile.

"I know, let's go tell the guys" I smiled and he nodded.

We left the hospital and started to drive to Calum's house. We got there in about 20 minutes.

Calum lets us in and leads us to the guys in the living room. I smiled and sat next to Luke since there was an empty spot next to him.

"Hi" I smirked and looked up at Luke since I placed my head on his shoulder.

"Hi sis" he smirked back.

"So, what are you having??" Calum asked.

I looked at Michael and he smiled.

"A son" Michael answered showing the guys the small sonogram picture.

The guys smiled then smirked.

"Another little rocker" Ashton smirked.

I sighed and rolled my eyes playfully at the guys. Luke snickered and pecked my forehead.

"Chicken..." I muttered.

"Hey!" Luke said

"Chicken say what?" Michael said

"What?" Luke answered.

Michael, Ashton, and Calum, plus me, started laughing. Luke sat there confused. I stopped laughing and smiled at Luke.

"Whatever...." He muttered.

I kissed his cheek softly and yawned.

Luke and I left three hours later. I drove with him because why not.

"What's for dinner??" I asked looking at him.

"Pizza." Luke answered.

"What kind?" I asked again

"Dominoes" he answered.

"Yum." I smiled

Luke ordered the pizza and sat on the couch when we got back home. The pizza came 15 minutes later. I smiled and looked at the pizza as Luke walked over to the table with it.

"Yum...." I smiled and took a slice when he placed the box on the table.

Luke smirked and took two pieces. I laughed a little and ate the pizza carefully.

We finished the pizza with three slices left. I yawned and kissed Luke's forehead good night.

I walked to my bedroom and got ready for bed. I checked my phone to look at the time. 10:30 pm. I yawned and went to sleep.

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