See you again

one night at one random party girl named Lorelei meets guy named Luca


1. Nicaragua falls

"Lorelei!" Peter yelled as she run to me and hugged me. "my parents are out of the town. and do you know what it means?" he said smiling evilly. "yes?" i asked. "partyy!" he said while i followed her to his house. "what?" i froze. "c'moon girl. it's gonna be crazy party." he said. "are you sure that this is smart?" i asked. "don't be pussy. come on. maybe you will find someone. that Josh was such a douche." he said. i frowned and raised eye brow. "ugh. don't say his name again." i told him and he nod while opening the door. "guys she's here!" he said. i gasped as i saw five guys sitting on Peters living room. "a girl! she's so cute." one guy with blonde curly hair said jumping  up from his seat as i placed my backpack on the floor. "Ian. back off. out of limits." Peter warned and i laughed to Peter.he always acted like he had to protect me. "are you single." the blondie said as i sat on the sofa taking pillow on my lap. "don't be so rude Ian." Other guy next to him said. "where's the food." i heard a voice say as someone walked down the stairs. he slowed down and smirked and kept looking into my eyes smirking like a idiot and i wanted to laugh. he was so full of himself. "Peter you didn't say that your friend was so beautiful." he said not breaking the eye contact i felt my cheeks get hot. I heard Peter groan. "i am going to pick up the others. behave. i promise if you try anything. i will make you pay." Peter groaned leaving the apartment. "damn. i am sure that Peter has crush on you." third guy said. "damn we have been so name is Elliot. well you already know the flirty idiot Ian and the drama queen Simon, and those two quiet guys are Jeremy and Austin." said guy with dark short hair. "nice to meet you guys." i said smiling awkwardly. "as same." Simon said winking to me and licking his lips. he was really making me uncomfortable. "Peter always talks about you it's almost annoying. isn't that right. i am more than sure that he loves you." Ian said. "well can you blame him. she's  freaking good looking." Simon said smoothly and turned his head to me and gave the smirk for thousand time. i rolled my eyes. "of course he loves me. we have been best friends since diapers." i told them. "damn." Elliot said. i raised my eye brow to him. "He's  so friend zoned." Austin spoke. "ugh. he doesn't like me like that." i said groaning angrily. "do you like him?" Simon asked. "of course i like him. i like him like a brother. nothing more." i told honestly. the thought of  me and Peter was just too weird and wrong. "We are back! is she still alive?" Peters voice called. "yeah yeah. she's okay." Simon said smirking to me. he really has to stop that. "here is the beer!" Peter said while carrying beer cans. how much were they gonna drink? gosh. "Dean whats  up man!" Simon said hugging  some guy with brunette short haired guy who came after Peter. "Luca. long time no seen. it's been a while." Ian spoke as he stood up from the sofa and went to greet a guy who walked in too. Luca was clearly the most good-looking in the room. i mean the other were all good looking and it was so awkward that i was surrounded by these good looking teen guys while i was shy and not so pretty. my eyes met Luca's green ones. but it was just awkward stare because i had no idea who the guy was i just nod saying 'hi' quietly. i sat between Elliot and Peter as more guys walked in. i had no idea who they were but i felt so awkward i was the only girl and if i counted righty there were now 12 guys sitting in Peters living room and drinking a beer. i felt like my ears were going bleed. how can boys be so disgusting. they all were good looking but they had no respect towards girls and they were making me want to puke. "can i have a drink. i can't listen your  guys sober." i said to Peter. "sure." he said standing up and walking to kitchen and came back with a beer. i felt relief when more people came on and most of them were girl. Simon was no longer smirking at me and winking he was all over with some other girl and that didn't surprise me at all. Peter was too busy to talk with everyone and i didn't know no one. i sat on the floor next to two girls who looked nice. "hey! who are you? i haven't seen you before." the blonde one smiled. "i am Lorelei. yeah i'm not from here. "i told to her. "oh okay. you are so pretty. i like your shirt. i am Samantha and this is Eve." she said smiling. "so are friends of some of the guys or something?" Eve asked. "Peter is my best friend." i told to them. "oh. now i remember he had talked about you." Samantha said. "she talks about you a lot. i bet he likes you." Eve said. oh no. why was everyone saying this. i just nod awkwardly. "hi." i heard someone say and turned my head and saw Luca sitting next to me to the floor. "hey." i said smiling little. was this really  happening. was he lost or something.or did someone pay for him to come to talk to me. why wasn't he playing beer pong with the others. "i am Luca." he said. "Lorelei." i told him. "Lorelei.hmm. so beautiful name." he said smiling little. my cheeks were red like a tomato. "thanks." i said awkwardly. i am so awkward. whats wrong with me? "so i haven't seen you around. are you new here?" he asked. "oh i don't live here." i told him. "where do you live?" he asked. "like seventy miles from here."  i told him. "oh damn thats pretty far. "he told. "yeah." i said. "so are you having fun?" he asked. "well." i told him. "oh don't worry i don't know these people so just the few it's okay. come lets get more beer." he said. i followed him to the kitchen. i found my self from Peters room talking random stuff with Luca just talking he didn't try anything of course he was flirty and made me blush but it was innocent. "oh i see you two have your private party here." Samantha said as she opened the door. "you go girl!" she yelled she was so drunk. "where's Lorelei?" i heard Peters voice from the hall. "she's with Luca. they look so cute, don't you dare to disturb them!" i heard Samantha speak. "what? is she alone with him?" Peter voice said. "yeah. so what? let them be. "Samantha's voice spoke. "let me go Samantha you are drunk." Peter said. "ugh you are so boring always ruing everyones fun." Samantha spoke and then Peter walked in. "is everything alright here?"he asked. "yeah." i spoke. "you are drunk." Peter said walking towards me. "how many have you drank? damn Lorelei." he said taking me by my arm. "few. i am not drunk just tipsy. "i said. "come on." he said taking me by my arm. "no. where are you even taking me  i am fine with Luca." i  said trying to get out of his hold. "stop Peter you are hurting my arm." i cried out and that was when Luca got up from the bed and took Peters hand of my arm and pushed me behind him. "hey. man. stop. she told she is fine. you know me. she's safe with me." Luca said. i heard Peter groan as he stormed out of the room. "woah whats up with him?" i asked. "yeah he was acting weird." Luca said. "lets go swimming!" Samantha and Eve walked into room only wearing  bikinis. "lets go." i said to Luca. Peter had inside pool in his house what was fancy. i changed into my bikinis and walked to the pool.  Luca was leaning against the wall and smiled to me sexily. "you ready." he asked taking my hand. "yeah." i said. and we got into pool. we were playing on the water there was Samantha and Evie too but they were mostly messing with each others and giggling. and i was trying to swim away from Luca who followed me. he took me by my leg and pulled me closer against his chest and did i mention how he had fit and beautiful body with six pack. he was perfect and i was wondering what the hell was he doing with the girl like me. "now you can't  escape." he breathed. i giggled and he brushed the hair out of my face. "PARTY IS OVER. NOW EVERYONE GET THE HELL OUT." Peters voice called. "what the shit?" Samantha said. we got out from the pool as pissed looking Peter walked in to the pool room. he narrowed his eyes as he saw Luca putting towel over my shoulders and wrapping an arm around my waist. we got dressed up and there was only me,Luca,Elliot,Austin and his girlfriend Annie. and Simon was too there  but he had passed out into Peters bed. they were  into living room and watched some boring movie as i walked out as i had changed into fresh clothes. the sofas were taken there was small room between Elliot and Peter and Luca was sitting on arm chair. he smiled as he saw me "where do i sit?" i asked. Luca pulled me on his lap and i placed my head on his  chest. "it was crazy party." drunk Elliot laugh. "can you speak quieter it's two at am. we don't want to wake up neighbors." Peter groaned. "what neighbors." Elliot started to laugh. "Simon is sleeping." Peter groaned. "he passed out he sleeps like a baby." Elliot laugh. "shut up my head is hurting." Petter said hitting Elliot in the arm. "why the hell did you hit me?" Elliot asked. "because you are speaking fucking loud. do you know how to whisper?" Peter said slapping him again. "gosh dude calm down. why are you such an ass." Austin said. "you guys are so fucked up." Annie said as Peter kept smacking Elliot who was still talking loudly. "whoa what the shit." i whispered to Luca. "yeah, Peter is so pissed." he said. "why is he hitting  Elliot, he isn't even speaking that loud anymore." i said. "i have no idea.Elliot is gonna have a lot of bruises tomorrow." Luca said. Luca held my hand as his arm was wrapped around me. Peter kept looking us and rolling his eyes while abusing poor Elliot "god dammit asshole." Elliot roared and punched Peter into nose and Peters nose bleed like the fucking Nicaragua fall's, but to be honest he kinda deserved it for being an asshole for no reason.

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