Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

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4. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Summer Before High School


From: Harry

To: Anna

My Anna,
Jesus, I miss you! London isn't fun without my partner in crime. How are things in Chicago? I hope you're doing well. I am … sort of. One thing for sure, I met someone. Think you'll like him and I won't get jealous if u do. His name is Zayn - handsome fellow if I do say so myself. Niall says hello. Can't believe I had to drag him here. Time differences are bloody stupid. By the time u get this - you're already asleep. My mum says hi too. Anna, what are doing? I am dying to know. You're volunteering at the veterinarian hospital, right? 

Anyways, the sun isn't out over here. Mostly cloudy skies for today and the rest of the week. Hey, I think I should become a weather reporter. My face is cut for the job. I'd be fucking brilliant for the job. Probably will search up internships or something. 

Can you believe this! We're going to be freshmen! HA! Just four more years in that bloody educational system and we'll be free from rules and snobby teachers. I'm ending this email now because Niall and I are flying to Ireland to visit his family. I'll bring you plenty of souvenir gifts. Miss You!!

Yours, Harry xx

From: Anna
To: Harry

Sometimes you need to stop writing in posh. When I read your emails, I hear your damn accent. And it isn't a good thing. Don't flatter yourself. God! I'm starting to sound like you! Mamá even says so. Last night at dinner, I asked for some chips - cause we were having fries and turkey burgers for dinner. I humiliated myself in front of my whole family!! I'm losing my American accent because of you, Styles. And I miss you too. Chicago isn't the same without you. You're like billions of miles away from me. How's London? Please take pictures. I love it when you take professional photos with your professional camera. 

Oooooooooo - who's this Zayn fella?? I really want to meet him. I give you permission to give him my number. Snap a photo of him and send it to me! I am dying to know how he looks like. You're going to Ireland?? Without me????? Wow some best friend you are. You're barely 16 and traveling the fucking globe without your best mate. Ew, I can't believe I just said mate. 

Anyways, yes I am still volunteering at the veterinarian hospital. I've met some lovely friends. Animal friends that is. God, I realized how lonely and pathetic I am without you. But, I am so excited!! I'm going to join clubs, get involved and live at the side lines. Keep myself away from Louis the Bully. I can't believe those rumors of him liking me are still going about. Bullying me isn't a sign of affection. It's a sign of early domestic violence!! Honestly, when will kids pick up a book and educate themselves. Guess what?! My summer reading list expanded all the way to China. I've added more books. These are mostly about feminism, civil rights and more feminism. I'd like to thank my brother. I'm glad he works at the bookstore. 

I've got to go. I've got to file some papers. BRING ME LOTS OF PRESENTS! Oh, and it's YOU not U!

Always, Anna
P.S. Tell Niall I said hello. I still can't believe you guys are summering together. And don't say salutations - you sound like a politician.  

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: HE TEXTED ME!!! OMFG!!!!

I was joking about you giving him my number. But not the picture! Holy shit?! How old is this Zayn guy? He looks nice and cool. Is he?? 

How's Ireland? I am so jealous you're having this adventure without me. Frodo wouldn't leave anywhere without Sam. You suck!

Email me soon!

Yours, Anna

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: Re: HE TEXTED ME!!! OMFG!!!!

One of these days I'll take you with me. I promise you. Ireland is amazing and beautiful. Such amazing landscapes. I'm staying over at Niall's mum's house - she cooks such great casseroles. I will send an attachment of a few photos I took. You're going to love them, and your presents. How's the weather back home? It's raining here in Ireland. Raining in the summer? I know, weird. But, I'm cozy and warm in my bed. 

Ha - AH! I knew that accent was going to stick to ya. It's lovely to hear that I'm the cause of your disappearing American accent. London is so diverse tho, you'll love it. With the different accents and all. Anyways, about that Zayn guy - he's two years older than ya. So he's … eighteen, no seventeen. Yeah, he's seventeen. Too old for u babe, sorry. Actually he can't stop talking about u. And it's beginning to annoy me. What are you guys texting each other? I tell better jokes than you. I hope you're not mocking me in your texts. I will disown you as my best friend. Anyways, he's studying Art at some art school in Spain. He's in London for the summer. 

I'm coming home sooner than I thought. One more week in Ireland, and you have me for the rest of the summer. You are such a nerd sometimes. Reading books out of your original genre. I'll join those clubs with you. I don't want to be lonely. Louis the Bully totally loves you. But, I won't accept him hurting you. I won't let anyone hurt you. I'll fight them if I have too. I've got to go. There's a storm coming and all the lights are flickering.

All the love, Harry xx 
P.S. I'll always be your fucking Frodo, Sam. 

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: You're coming home tomorrow!

I am so happy and thrilled to finally see you. A whole month and two weeks have been the looongest. I missed you so darn much. Guess what?? Joey is getting married in mid-August! He finally proposed to Emilia like last night. There's going to be a huge wedding. Also, I'm giving you a heads up. Joey's going to send you an email about asking to be one of his grooms men. Ha! Also, big news from me - I won that summer poetry national thing. I GOT FIRST FUCKING PLACE! (As always). They're going to send me some certificate and four tickets to The Wizarding World of motherfreaking Harry Potter and Disney World at Orlando, Florida. 

Mamá says that you're coming along and my aunt. I AM SO EXCITED HARRY! 

Keep your nose away from my business. I tell much better jokes than you. Yours are so boring. I think Niall just laughs at them cause how pathetic you sound. Zayn is such a great guy. I may be only 14 (fifteen on Hallow's Eve), but it doesn't matter. He's still two years older than me or three - I don't know - math isn't my subject. 

Oh Harry, I'm excited! I'm slamming the keyboard with such joy. What did you get me?? I hope it isn't those t-shirts or key chains shit. I won't accept it. Maybe I will anyway. I saw the photos you attached in the email - Harry they are so lovely. Honestly pursue your career in like photography. You have such a great gifted talent. Papá could help you with that. Since his friends work for National Geographic, and other small businesses. Harry Styles a photographer. There's so many photography you could. Like Cinema photography, weddings, nature, paparazzi, and etc. 

I just thought of something. I hope we get classes together. It will suck if we got one class together. Keep Louis the Bully out of these emails!! God, he's going to be worse in high school. Geez, I almost forgot! A new family just moved in today. Well, there in the process of moving in. Mamá and Papá went out to meet them. Joey says they're also from England. Great! More British friends, except Niall. They have three daughters and a son - his name is Liam and about the same age as Zayn. He's going to be a junior. 

I've got to go. I'm going to the movies with Irma. Besos, x. 

Yours, Anna

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: where are u??

I didn't see you at the airport. Are u alright? Did anything happen? I'm on my way to your house. Anna please, talk to me.

Love, Harry xx

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: (none)

I can't believe you fucking fell asleep past your damn alarm! You never sleep past it. You missed my arrival back home. AND you had me worried sick. I thought something horrible happened to ya. Anyway, on my way to your house I met the new guy, Liam. He seems like a cool lad. 

Anyways, I didn't drop off your presents because I want you to open them in front of me. I want to see your face light up and all like Christmas. 

Orlando, Florida - isn't it humid over there. Eh, who cares! Perks of having a gifted writer best friend is going to extravagant places. Also, I agreed to be one of Joey's grooms men. I can't believe he finally did it. Maybe all that pestering laid off. 

Come by tonight for a welcome dinner. Family invited as well. Wear something nice. See you then. 

All the love, Harry xx

Text from Zayn

Zayn: I heard Harry and Niall flew back.
Anna: Yeah, it's great! Missed both - Harry more. I love the photo you sent me. You are such a talented artist. 
Zayn: Why thank u. 
Anna: Anytime. You should do comic books - like Marvel and DC. 
Zayn: And u could help me write them. Harry says you're a talented writer. 
Anna: Oh stop! I am not that great. 
Zayn: Yes you are. 
Anna: Okay, I know I'm great. 
Zayn: Text me a quick haiku. Please. 
Anna: Idk … but since you said please.
Anna: Eyes of honey, smile of the sun
You are the brightest star at night. 
Zayn: Aw that's cute. I like it. 
Anna: I've got to go. Family dinner at Harry's. TTYL xx

From: Anna 
To: Harry
Subject: I love you to bits!!

Thanks a trillion times more for the presents. I can't get over the Tardis teapot, my own Ravenclaw scarf and the new books. They are the best of all presents I've gotten. 

Dinner was great as always. Mostly it went on about them all talking about Joey's wedding and Gems and her new man. Then we sneaked out the dining room to your bedroom. Ha! Our parents thought we were doing naughty things. How weird of them to think like that?? It's weird to even thinking about it. You and me - a couple. Gross!! 

Anyways have you thought about Niall's idea. I know you've been learning the guitar secretly! Gems told me. I was just waiting for you to me tell. Why didn't you tell me?? I feel so hurt. 

I've got to go to sleep now. Mamá is yelling at me to turn off the computer. Nighty-night. 

Yours, Anna
P.S. I forgot to say, welcome home Harry! x 


Today I will be posting the first three chapters

to the fanfic. Know that the whole story will be written in texts, letters,

and emails.

xx, ISA

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