Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

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5. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

High School Years: Part I

Today is a special day for you. Mi niña, you've grown so much. Yesterday I was changing your diapers and now you're a grown woman. We've had such difficult times in the past, but because of you - you've made me a better mother. Now that you've entered womanhood, it doesn't mean sex or finding love. It's finding yourself, querida. You're now a young woman - strong, brave, and fearless. Don't let anyone tell you what to do or what not to do. You are the only person that can decide what's right for you. I'll be there. Siempre contigo. My little one, the world is now yours. Te amo con todo mi corazon. I love you! xxx

Love, Mamá 

Happy birthday little sister!
You are a Quinceañera.
Keep following your heart,
and never give up. 
Love you hermanita!!
- Joey 

Damn Anna, you're just getting
older every year. 
We are so going to party hard
this weekend!
Thanks agains for asking me
to be your guy of honor.
Happy sweet 15!! 
All the love, Harry xx

Text from Zayn

Zayn: Happy birthday girlie! You are finally a grown woman. Just one more year and you'll be legal here in Europe. All my best wishes for you on your special day. I sent a present - it should be going your way soon. Don't forget to make a wish when you blow out the candles. Love ya!! xxx

A warm hug from us on your birthday. You were just a little girl and now look at you. You've grown and matured so much. We, like your mother are really proud for you. On your special day, we wish you for more happiness and more wishes. Anna, you've been part of our family for quite a long time. That we see you as our own daughter. Happy Sweet Fifteen!!

Always, Anne, Rob, and Gems xxxx

Text from Harry

Anna: Why are you messaging me? I have to finish this excel thingy.
Harry: Niall wishes you a happy birthday.
Anna: Ahh, thanks Ni!! Okay, I need to go back to work.
Harry: Wait! Sorry I didn't tell you about the secret guitar lessons, I just idk … you always wanted me to be a photographer. I thought that if you found out, you'd be upset. 
Anna: Harry, how can you think that of me! I will always support you no matter what you chose to be. Always!
Harry: I know, and I'm really sorry. Niall and I are going to start a band. We just need a keyboardist and drummer. You mind helping us make flyers? 
Anna: I forgive you. And I'd love to help. Now, can I please get back to work. 
Harry: Damn alright. Thanks so so much! Love ya!!! x 

From: Anna
To: Harry 
Subject: My head hurts so much

Oh god! I have never felt such a horrible headache. It pounds every time I move my head. How are you feeling? Probably worse than me. So glad that your mum didn't get upset when Niall brought the bottle of tequila. 

I'm just ending this here. My head hurts so damn much. Do you remember anything?? I simply don't. Well, going to take two aspirins and go back to sleep. Did we have homework??? Besides its Sunday.

Love, Harry x 

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: Re: My head hurts so much

Oh Harry, my feet are sore. My whole body is sore. Plus this damn headache. Niall shouldn't have brought that tequila. I feel sick to my stomach. Gah! 

Yours, Anna
P.S. I don't remember much either. Except that I kissed someone or maybe it was my dream. Yes, we did have homework. 

Text from Harry

Harry: I'm so sad we don't have English together. The fact that you have honors.
Anna: I'm in the middle of reading, Haz. 
Harry: Anyways, we found a keyboardist - you wouldn't guess who, Liam. He's actually pretty good.
Anna: That's amazing! Any luck of a drummer??
Harry: All the auditions have been horrible. They're good, but not our genre. We're going to be an indie alternative band, not head banging metal heads.
Anna: Harry as much as I love to chat, I've got to pay attention. We'll talk at lunch. Love you. xx

Text from Niall

Niall: Anna? Well, she's pretty, nvm gorgeous. Her brown eyes turn honey when the sun hits them. Have you noticed?
Harry: Of course I have. It's cause - idk Niall. Anna's my best friend, I wouldn't think seeing her much more than that.
Niall: You're in deep deep shite laddie. 
Harry: I shouldn't even ask you for advice. You're the worse. 
Niall: I know, but you're still taking it.
Harry: Yeah.

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: A date??

Niall is looking for a date for you?? That's great! As long as she doesn't replace me, we won't have any problems. But if you replace me Haz, you are going to sleep with one eye open. 

I think it's great that you finally decided to go out and have dates. I'm way too busy to even look or think of guys. Honesty I've had two guys in my English class try to hit me up. No way! I'll get a boyfriend in uni. 

Sorry, this email is short. I have a four page essay to write. 

- Anna

From: Harry 
To: Anna
Subject: Re: A date??

Niall's found no luck. And I wonder why the fuck he's Irish. 

Two guys have already ask you? I don't even have that attraction towards girls. Is my hair too curly? Should I stop quiffing it up?? I'm planning to letting it grow. 

A four page paper?? Is your teacher insane? Oh Anna, I miss us. I feel like we hardly talk anymore. Every time I call the house or email you - you don't answer or reply back short responses. Where's my best friend at? I miss her. I've got to go, homework first than band practice. Come by please? Take a break. We only live across from each other. 

All the love, Harry x 

Text from Zayn

Zayn: Where are we going from this?
Anna: Harry. Is. Looking. For. A. Date.
Zayn: Oh okay. You are jealous. 
Anna: WHAT!? No I'm not. 
Zayn: Yes you are. Harry's looking for someone and you are jealous that he will. 
Anna: I don't like where this is going. What if this person replaces me? Who do I have left?
Zayn: You've got me girlie. You know that.
Anna: Zayn, you are the greatest guy ever. Honestly, I am so grateful.
Zayn: It's my last year, I'll visit you during Christmas. 
Anna: Zayn, that'd be great. Maybe by then Harry will find someone. Sigh.
Zayn: I love you Anna. You know I've always had, and always will.
Anna: And I love you too, Zayn.

From: Harry
To: Gems
Subject: HELP ME

I don't know what's going on. I think Anna and Zayn have like a thing. Anna told me Zayn was finishing his last year and coming to visit for Christmas. They even Skyped Gems!! I'm losing her. 

I'm slowly being replaced by him. Someone I introduced her to. Oh god, Gems. I don't know what I'm feeling inside. It's a huge storm of confusion. 

I don't feel like looking for someone anymore. It doesn't feel right. I don't know what does anymore. Gems, help me out. I'm drowning. God, I sound mental. I'm only 17. 

Love, Harry xx

From: Gemma
To: Harry
Subject: Re: HELP ME

Little brother,
You are in love. That's the cause of your pain and confusion. You've fallen for your best friend. Anna is smart enough to not replace you. You two are like peanut butter and jam; inseparable. Talk to her about. She probably feels the same way. 

How's the band? Got a name yet? Still can't believe Louis the Bully is your drummer. He used to bully you and Anna all through elementary and middle school.

I am here if you need anything. 

Love you, Gems 

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: (none)

Hey stranger,
So glad we had this weekend to catch up. God, I feel like my classes separated us for good. But we won't let no one do so. Harry, I've missed you. Like a lot. You're so distant from me. Is everything alright? Did a girl break your heart? I would punch her for you. 

The band is incredible. Joey posted a video up on YouTube and it went viral. Almost a million views. You guys are famous on Joey's channel. They keep asking him if you guys have your own channel. Joey's willing to help you create that stuff. Seventeen Spades, is a good name. It's sticking to me. Louis finally stopped being a damn bully. I thought this day wouldn't come. I felt the world was going to end. Lol. 

Harry, you are the first person to know this. I'm going to publish my first novel. YEAH! Papá's publishing company is giving me a chance. Isn't that incredible?! Actually it's poetry and haikus. I've got so many drafts - I'm picking out my faves. Do you mind if I dedicate it to you? You're the person that pushed me to continue writing. And I'll never resent that. 

I love you. - Anna x 


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