Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

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8. Chapter Six

Chapter Six

High School Years: Part IV


From: Anna

To: Harry

Subject: I GOT IN!!


It's April and I finally got the letter. Now everything is official. Got to apply for a dorm, financial aid, and start to pack. I'm taking a summer course. It's part of the creative writing program. So I'll be moving out early. Maybe after graduation. Which reminds me—please come. I want you to be there on my special day. 

GOD! I never thought it would ACTUALLY come true. I've been dreaming about this school since 6th grade. Can you believe it?! I wish you were here to celebrate with me. Your family and mine are taking me out for dinner. We're celebrating the future! 

Zayn and I were talking about getting a super cheap studio apartment. Cause Nueva York is $$$$$$$. Yeah, hella expensive. But, I don't know. I really want to experience the dorm life on campus. I'm so happy. My life is finally falling into place. 

How's LA? Live near anyone famous. You should visit Joey and Emilia. GTG. Have to get ready for the dinner. Say hi to the boys for me. 

Love, Anna xx

Text from Harry

Harry: She got in!
Niall: That's great! She talked about that school forever. 
Harry: I know. Only bad thing is she's moving out earlier than I thought. 
Niall: Wat ya' mean early?
Harry: She's taking a summer course at NYU. 
Niall: Man, bummer. 
Harry: Now she'll be across the States. Farther away.
Niall: Chin up Harry. At least she's the muse to your songs. Liven her up a little. Right?

Text from Anna

Anna: Zayn, amor thanks so much for the present. My own NYU hoodie! 
Zayn: I know you'll love it. 
Anna: I really do. About the cheap apartment. I would want to spend a year in the dorm room. If that's alright.
Zayn: Yeah of course. 
Anna: Really? Oh god, I can't believe this is happening. And you're coming with me.
Zayn: Anywhere you go, I'll go. Get some sleep—tomorrow we're shopping for prom.

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: Congrats!!

I'm so so happy for you!! Anna what a dream come true. For the both of us. I still can't believe it—Niall and the lads congratulate you. I think you should stick to living in a dorm. It'll help you make new friends and all. 

LA is amazing! I think I'm in love. Maybe in the future I'll move here. It's so diverse, Anna. God I wish you were here with me. We'd have such a grand time. Of course I'm going to visit Joey and Emilia—maybe I'll
be here for when the babies come. He's going to be thrilled when he sees me. 

Since graduation is coming close and prom—can't believe I'm going to miss it. Have you decided who you're going with? Probably Zayn, right? Before I forget why did your counselor wanted to see u? I'm anxious to know.

I've got to go. Some magazine came by the hotel to interview us. Can you believe it—our first interview. We're going to be HUGE!

All the love, Harry xx

From: Joey
To: Anna
Subject: Harry in LA?

The lovely little brother surprised Emilia and I a visit. Why didn't you tell me he was here writing songs for the band's album? The little man is quite famous here. We had some paparazzi on our lawn the other day. They even had the nerve to knock on our door and ask what type of relation we have towards him. God, those people are so nosy. Of course, I said he was a family friend from Chicago. And that you were his best friend. But I didn't say your name. Don't want these people to dig up facts about la familia. How's things with Zayn? Hope he's not arguing with you again. Your Valedictorian speech is very professional. The writer in you unleashed! 

Love, Joey

From: Anna
To: Joey
Subject: Re: Harry in LA?

Dear brother,
I forgot to mention that small detail. In fact, he is. How is he? Growing his curls I suppose. He's getting taller isn't he? I saw the photo on Emi's Instagram. He's as tall as you. And you're TALL. Thanks so much for reviewing my speech. God, I might throw up. Bummer you nor Emilia or Harry are going to make. Besides dad's going to fill it. So you'll be very lucky. Thanks so much for the “lucky” necklace. I'm pretty sure this shooting star charm will bring me loads of luck. At this moment, Zayn is just stressing about his next art gallery show. I really don't want to interfere. That's the point in a relationship—ups and downs. Sigh. It's been two years with him and I feel so bugged out. I've got to go. Say hi to Emi and the future twins. 

Love, Anna xx

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: CLASS OF 2015

Happy graduating day! I don't think there's an actual saying for when you graduate high school. I hope your speech was amazing. Gems sent me short videos of you talking. What happened to your hair? Did you cut it?  I'm going to miss the Rapunzel curls. 

I hope my present to you came unbroken. You're going to love it. 

Life in LA is a bachelor's lifestyle. Have you seen the tabloids? I am known has the youngest British bachelor of all America. A bachelor?! It's odd to see myself in magazines and girls walk up to me for a photo. But it's nice, you know. I think I'm going to move here. Buy an apartment of my own somewhere in Hollywood. Have a nice view of the city. LA is beautiful at night. Hope you've seen the photos I've sent you. Are the polaroids arriving to you? You haven't mentioned any of them. 

Anyways, how's your poetry book coming along. Can I know what poems you're putting in there? You should add the one of the berry tarts - it's my absolute favorite. 

Joey told me Zayn's giving you trouble. Is everything alright between you both? Has he hurt you in any way? If he did, I'll teach him a lesson. When I said long time ago, I wouldn't let anyone hurt you - I was serious. 

You must packing to NY at the moment. It's hard to believe that you're going to your dream school. But I always had faith in you my little book nerd. You kicked some ass in high school, now kick some ass in uni. 

Love, Harry xx

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: Re: CLASS OF 2015

It was such a bummer you and Joey didn't come to my graduation. I was so nervous, I swear I was going to vomit. But with a little help from you, I over came my fear of public speaking. I did it. Yes, the Rapunzel curls are gone. I donated about 14 inches of hair! 

I don't read any of those magazines. They're so annoying and boring. They talk about the same stories but with different celebrities. Youngest British bachelor, you say? What a title! Young women are head over heels for you, Styles. I wouldn't be surprise though - you are an attractive young man. I say you do. LA seems like a wonderful city. I have been getting your polaroids. I brought a photo album just for these type of film and been placing them in. It's a work of art in the making, Harry. I'm so glad you didn't stop taking photos. A hobby to keep you busy. 

My poetry book is turning out great. So glad you asked! Actually all the poems I'm picking are a surprise. I'm writing new ones as well to add. I'm so excited. My publisher finally gave me a deadline. Till the end of June. I think I might cry. AND I love, love your graduation present. The picture frame will be perfect for my dorm room. I can't believe you've had it all this time. I was beginning to wonder where that polaroid went. We were so small. It feels like light years away. 

Things are tangled up right now with Zayn. With moving to NY and his art gallery - everything is just stressful. Honestly, last night we argued about the smallest and dumbest thing ever. Who was going to turn the lights off. I mean, I feel so embarrassed telling you this. But, it's true. We argued for a good ten minutes - till I got out of bed and stubbed my toe by hitting the leg of my bed. Things will go back to normal when we move to NY. 

Zayn and I are in the middle of packing. We leave sometime next week. Although my summer course starts in July. I want to get settled and used to the time. I will obviously kick some ass at uni. Your love and support means the world to me Harry. You are the greatest best friend ever! Say hi to the band for me. How's the song writing going? Any secret muses I must know of. Haha. 

Love, Anna x

Text from Niall

Niall: It's one date Harry. 
Harry: I don't know. 
Niall: My date and I are going to be there with you. Besides she's very pretty. You'll fancy her. 
Harry: I'll think about it. 
Niall: You have till tomorrow. She won't disappoint you. 

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