Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

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9. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

High School Years: Part V


From: Harry

To: Anna
Subject: found a place and someone

I am now officially an LA resident. I moved in with Natalie, my new girlfriend. Maybe this time you'd like to know her. You two will be best of friends. I just know it. She's lovely and a model. Niall actually introduced me to her. I'm glad he did. 

How's NYU? Is it what you dream of? What's your dorm like? Say hey to Zayn for me. Thanks for the super duper late birthday present. I'll make sure it goes right on the mantel piece with the rest of the frames. 

It's lovely, Anna. I feel so at home in this place. It was like I was meant to be here. Don't get me wrong, Chicago and Cheshire will always be my home. I miss them. I miss you. Being thousands of miles from you is ridiculous. I can't believe we made it this far. It's going to be six months soon. Six months since we've last seen each other. I don't know how we do it. 

I'll probably be in NY for some recording. But I don't know when. I've sent you a polaroid from the view of my balcony. The best of luck on your summer course. Hopefully I get to see you really soon. 

All the love, Harry xx

From: Anna
To: Harry 
Subject: Re: found a place and someone 

Wow, that's great. I bet she is lovely. Maybe some time we'll Skype and you can introduce me. 

Nueva York is more than I dreamed of. I met someone as well. Her name is Sophia, she's originally from NY. She's studying musical theater. She lives in the same hall as me. I have a dorm room for myself, it's great.

When you do come to NY, let me know ASAP. There's so many places we can go to.  

Zayn isn't with me anymore. I've been so blind Harry. All those times he went to see the studio where the art gallery was going to be - he's been seeing someone else. A two year relationship - fucking waisted cause he couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

I've been in such a miserable state. My heart is bleeding with every memory I have of him. I feel so stupid to have given myself to him. Trusted him, and not think twice about that secret affair. Am I easy to fool? Where did I go wrong? I loved him so fucking much. All I do is cry and cry at night. Wishing he'd come back and tell me it was all my imagination. 

Best part is, he moved back to London. I've got to go. Need to finish this heartbreaking short story for my creative writing class. 

- Anna 

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: (none)

My Anna,
I'd fly to London and beat him up myself. My best friend, shouldn't be suffering from the dick he's been to you. I will catch the first plane to you if I can, but our manager has been a total prick to us. We need to finish recording the album soon. 

If you need to talk, call me. You know I'm a phone call away. I've forgotten how your voice sounds. It'd be nice to hear something familiar for a change. 

Love, Harry xx

From: Anna
To: Harry 
Subject: Re: (none)

You don't have to. It's better to leave things as it is. I'll be sure to call if anything. 

- Anna 

Text from Harry

Harry: Gems! I can't believe this is happening to me. Once I find someone, Anna isn't with Zayn. Why is life playing these games with me???
Gems: Zayn and Anna aren't together anymore? So sad. They were so happy together.
Harry: For Anna maybe, but not even for the dick to cheat behind her back. If I were him, I'd never hurt her like that. Actually I'd never hurt her.
Gems: But you've got Natalie now dimwit. Or what, are you going to break up with her and fly to Anna. If that idea is even in your mind, don't do it. I'm warning you little bro - Anna needs to be alone. 
Harry: She needs me, Gems. I can't just let her cry for him for the rest of her life.
Gems: I'm just saying that you've got a girlfriend now and you live with her. Make her happy and let Anna pick up the pieces. You said she has a new friend, right? Let her friend do it, okay. 

Text from Louis 

Louis: How are you feeling?
Anna: Louis? Strange to hear from you. But since you're asking - miserable.
Louis: I'm sorry to hear that. Anything I can do to help?
Anna: Maybe if you were some time lord that can take me back and erase every memory with Zayn. That'd be great.
Louis: No, but remember that time when I put mustard in you backpack. 
Anna: Hahaha. I remember every horrible thing you did to me, Louis. Why?
Louis: Why what?
Anna: Why bully me through elementary and middle school? What have I ever done to you?
Louis: I don't know. You just seemed like an easy target. And how the rumors went - I had a small crush on you. 
Anna: So they were true. Well, bullying me wasn't getting you anywhere or giving me a hint. 
Louis: I'm sorry. 
Anna: Eh, it's alright. And thanks - I needed a little distraction. 
Louis: Anytime love. x

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: fashion idol?

Have you ever considered me being fashionable? I'd never thought I had it in me. I was invited to my first fashion show in London. It was a bit odd. You have all these paparazzi screaming your name out. I swear I wanted to take their cameras and break them. It was an easy night. And the only reason I got invited was because Natalie was going to be part of it. 

How have you been? Please take care of yourself love. I'm worried sick that you're not having enough sleep or not eating well. I hope you've taken a lot of jasmine scented baths. Had time on your own. I think the only evidence I have of you trying to enjoy yourself is your Instagram. Such color and it's lively - I think I've taught you well. 

If anything, please call me or email me back. I hope things are going well for you. Don't stress too much on that broken heart of yours. Love you, my Anna. Take care. 

All the love, Harry xxx

From: Anna 
To: Harry
Subject: I'm surviving 

Thanks for your countless worry on my health. I'm doing fine. Good, I suppose. I'm still progressing. I've written over twenty poems because of him. Sophia says I needed to find a new hobby - writing wasn't going to help me. She's been taking me to her rehearsals and guess what - I'm going to try musical theater. Crazy, right? So out of my comfort zone, but it's working. I'm in the club, not an actually class.

You've always dressed nicely. Maybe it's been in your blood to do these fancy things. Fashion and make music. How's the album progressing? I passed my creative writing with an A. Ain't that not a surprise. Say hello to Nat and the boys for me. 

Love, Anna

Text from Gems

Gems: Anna, it's been awhile. How are you?
Anna: I can't lie to you Gems, you're the only sister I have. I've been crying nonstop. I miss him so much. 
Gems: Oh Anna. What can I do?
Anna: No one can't do anything. Not even Harry. I've lied to him that I've been okay. That I'm finally moving on. But, I'm slowly decaying. Tomorrow I'll be in bones. 
Gems: Anna, you need to go out. Meet some news guys - go on dates. 
Anna: I don't think I'll be able to trust a guy again. And I'm not exaggerating. I trusted him you know. With every beat of my heart and gut in my body. My bones ache with the emptiness of him. My heart bleeds with the mention of his name. And my mind hasn't stopped spinning the minute he walked out the door. 
Gems: Spoken like a true poet.
Anna: Thanks. I just want to focus in my major right now. I might double major. Musical theater is growing on me - I mean I didn't listen to show tunes for nothing. 
Gems: I bet you're an amazing performer. 
Anna: A poet musical performer - adds a nice ring. I'll think about your advice. 
Gems: Please do. Harry hardly listens to mine. 
Anna: He's quite of a self-doer. I've got to go - early rehearsal mañana. Night xx
Gems: Nighty night xx

From: Joey
To: Anna
Subject: thank you

Emilia loved her birthday present. Did you and Amá compromise on the maternity clothes? Haha, she's getting bigger by the day. 

Joey x

From: Anna
To: Joey
Subject: you're welcome 

Anytime Joey! Amá and I did compromise on the clothing. Those overalls are very chic. Very hip today with pregnant women. Can't wait for the twins to be born. Won't that be till Xmas? Maybe New Years. 

Love, Anna x

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: musical theater

My Anna,
Hello from Paris! Natalie and I are visiting Paris - her hometown. It's such a beautiful city. Every morning we go out to the farmers market and bakeries. The small streets are filled with such sweet and warm aroma. We both rented a small studio with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Can I tell you a small secret? I think I'm starting to like her. Like a lot. She's very outgoing, loud, and sweet. I would never think this feeling inside of me was going to grow. I haven't told her yet. I feel like she doesn't see me that way, yet. I really want to take this slow. You are the only person I truly trust with this. Not even Niall. 

Musical theater, you say? How very odd from you. Leaving your books and staring in the dramatic arts. That's a huge jump. Are you liking it? 

I'm glad you're doing well. You were beginning to worry me. How's Sophia treating you? I'm sorry I can't be there with you. Honestly, I feel so horrible. I've been a horrible best friend to you. With all of band stuff and you starting uni - nothing feels the same. I mean emailing is great, but to be there by ur side and just hear you talk. U know. 

I hope u're exploring NYC - you have like 2 months and half of summer. Grand! Maybe I might visit you on my way back from Paris. The album is coming out great! God, I'm so excited for it to come out. We're just doing some audio fixes. It might come out in September. Our first single is coming out next month - the whole band is in London readying to promote the song. It's called Perfect - it's got a pop tune to it.

Hope all is well. I miss you my Sam.

From your Frodo, Harry xx

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: Re: musical theater

It's great. I got a lead role in Les Miserables - Eponine. I'm so excited. Opening night is next month. My parents are coming, so is Joey, Gems and your family as well. I sent you the invitation. 

It's been two weeks since the breakup. And I already met someone. Is it bad to meet someone and move on so quickly? He's so sweet and a book nerd like me. He's got a YouTube channel that's called booktube - which you do book reviews, book hauls, and other stuff. His name's Jaime - he's the cutest. 

Paris, wow. Hope you're having fun. Say hi to Nat for me and I'm sure she feels the same. I mean, who wouldn't. You're the sweetest ever so kindest person on this planet. I can't wait to here the single. I've got to go.

Your Sam, Anna


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