Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

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3. Chapter One

Chapter One

Elementary Years


Haz, you the meanest best friend I have ever had! I can't believe you chose me to read my haiku in front of the whole class. Not only because it was about my love of berry tarts, but I threw up. Louis, the class bully can't stop calling me vomit girl. I hate you! - Anna

Anna, I am your only friend dork. I am not going to say sorry cause you need to grew out the fear of stage fright, and public speaking. And besides it sounded great when you read it to me. Stop crying. I can hear you sniffle from next to me. Harry x

Haz, I am never going to forgive you for this. If I want my secret haiku to be a secret, let it be. I can cry all I want. God, you are so annoying sometimes. I don't know how fate put us together. You are the worst friend ever. - Anna

Anna, I am the bestest friend you ever had. STOP RUBBING SNOT ON MY JUMPER. I have known you has the most neatest and cleanest girl - now I don't know if you are. Harry x

What's with the x at the end. And what's jumper?? You wearing a sweater idiot. But yours doesn't look as horrible as MrsLila. Her's look like the machine explode and she put it on. Hahaha, oh no she's coming. -Anna

Phew that was close! The x is  kiss, said by Gems. Have you forgotten? I am not from the States. You're right tho, Mrs. Lila's sweater looks like it's been puked on. Yucky! Harry x

THOUGH not THO. Why would I want a kiss from you? That's weird and you would go to prison. I always forget. I've known you for 3 years and I forget you're from royal family. - Anna

I don't care, grammar police. Cheshire is not royal family. I am not the royal family. I should give you some history lesson of my country. Oh crap -

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Twist,

I would like to meet you two tomorrow morning and discuss Harry's behavior in class. He's been quite distracted and needs to stop passing notes. Harry's behavior has change for quite sometime. Is anything going on that I need to know? Hope all is well. 

From, Mrs. Lila Gomez

Haz, I don't know why I keep being friends with you. I'm across the room away from you. I'm sitting next to Niall. GOD, he is so loud. My head hurts. I want to cry. -Anna

Anna, you got to suck it up. We are inseparable. Don't worry it temporary, we will be sitting next to each other by end of this week. Keep it up crybaby. Harry x

I AM NO CRYBABY! You are turning like Louis the class bully. He pulled my hair the other day and called me Crazy Curly. Why he like this? I hope we sit together again. Geez, I cannot stand Niall and his laugh. Oh I forgot -

Dear Mrs. Diaz,

I am sorry to be writing this letter to you at such short notice. I'd like to meet with you and discuss Anna's behavior in class. She's been writing a large amount of notes, and don't know if changing her seat will be any different. Please contact me as soon this letter reaches soon. Hope all is well.

From, Mrs. Lila Gomez

Haz, Mamá says I should not talk to you. You are making me go into trouble. She doesn't like that. I don't think she likes you. She just has to get used to it. Now I sit all the way in the front. Louis the class bully won't stop bugging me about my new glasses. He keeps calling me frog eyes. I have no frog eyes, that's you Hazza. - Anna

Anna, I don't have frog eyes. I will fight him, but he's tough. You look nice with new circles. Makes you look like Harry Potter. I've got a 6th birthday coming up. You are invited to my birthday party. There will be cake, a clown and bouncy castle. it is at 5-7pm. Harry x

Haz, I don't think I want to go. I hate clowns. Clowns are scary. I am not going. - Anna

Anna, fine don't go. Harry

Haz, whatever. -Anna 

Dear Anne and Rob,

I'm sorry to be writing this letter. Looks like Harry and Anna got into another fight. Anna came in stomping into the house, with her pouty lips. Asking me to call you, and not invite the clown. That if the clown goes, she will not go. Silly how children act these days. If you do so kindly, I will appreciate it. Maybe it will be harder for young Harry to agree to this. By all means, Anna will come by and drop off his present.

Sincerely, Miriam Diaz

Anna, thanks for the present. I love lord of the rings. I hope you like the birthday cake. Harry x

Haz, Sorry I couldn't go. I just don't like clowns. Joey dressed one Halloween and I had nightmares. I love lord of rings too. We should watch them together. -Anna

Greeting from Spain:

Hola Haz! Missing you lots. Spain is such beautiful place. Me and you can move here and live together. We should start planning for future. We are staying over at my grandma's ranch. She's got pretty brown horse that is just for me. I named her Caramelo. She very beautiful. How's Chicago? You feel lonely ... I am lonely here too. We can't fool around together like we do at school. I can't believe we have Mrs. Lila for another year. Hope she changes her ugly sweaters. Oh, I brought you something. I think you'll love it. I am not going to tell you what it is. It is a surprise. I will end this with a photo of me and Caramelo. She says hello with a lick. Miss you Haz. -Anna

ANNA, I miss you a lot!! It is so boring here in Chicago with my sister Gems. She is so boring. I have done nothing but go to the park with Niall. He is only friend I have right here. Spain sound great. Maybe we could travel whole globe together. That's be cool! Leave parents and older siblings. It will be just me and you. Like it will always be. Hurry back soon! I want to see my present. Caramel looks like she can hurt you. We will take her for our adventures too. Like Indy Jones! Come soon and hurry!! Miss you. Harry xx 


Hello! I've mentioned that I was writing an inspired

Love, Rosie-Harry fic, and here it is!

I know I haven't posted the final chapter to Mr. Styles. I'm still working on it.

I hope you all enjoy this Harry fic. I've had it saved in my drafts for a while.

Please comment, like, and favorite.

xx, ISA

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