Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

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6. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

High School Years: Part II


From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: good and bad news

First I'm going to tell you the good news. Seventeen Spades is going to have a small tour around the States! Isn't that great!! We're going to be opening up for this band - I forgot their name already. But it's amazing news. 

The bad news is, I'm going to leave school. Well all of us are. The tour is sidetracked with senior year - so yes, I did chose music over school. Don't be upset please. I really want you to celebrate with me. You're my best girl, Anna! Our first concert is going to be at Tony's Diner. Please be there. Bring Joey and the family. 

Love, Harry x
P.S. It's a honor, Anna. I can't wait for it to publish and sell out, u'll be a best sellers.

Text from Zayn 

Zayn: Want to go out tonight? You're stressing yourself and it's only the first month back. 
Anna: Tonight I'm going to see Harry's band. Hey come with me. Por favor.
Zayn: Of course girlie. What time you want me to pick you up? 
Anna: Around 6:30pm, love you. x

Text from Harry

Harry: She's bringing that bloke Zayn.
Niall: And???
Harry: I wanted her and the family to come. 
Niall: You're starting to sound like a jealous ex boyfriend. Although … you never were. 
Harry: Can you stop rubbing it on my face? I regret everything. Alright, I admit it. I lost my best friend. 
Niall: Now you sound like Anna died. She's still your best mate, you bloody idiot. If she weren't, she wouldn't be coming to see us - I mean you. 

To Anna,
I really do hate goodbyes. I gave this to your mum, so I wouldn't have to wake you up. It felt nice writing letters again. Remember when we were seven and wrote to each other; now there's emails. Anyways, I'm going to miss you a lot. Like a lot a lot. I hate to leave you alone in senior year. I know we planned so much for this year. But school just isn't for me anymore. Music is now my whole life. Wish me luck, and I wish you the best of luck. Go kick ass my book nerd! Knock them dead. I love you. x

All the love in the world. And that's a lot of love. Harry xxx

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: I AM SO ALONE

I miss you. Te extraño tanto. Me dejaste sola. Senior year is going to suck. But you and the boys are going to do great. I know it. All of you are super duper talented. I'm watching all these live videos and the crowd seems to love you. You guys are 17 and 18 living the rock star life. Just don't party too hard. 

My life has been good. If you wanted to know. It's almost Christmas break. I'm dying with these AP classes. Guess what! I turned in my uni applications back in November. I applied to NYU (dream school), Brown, UCLA, Cambridge, Columbia, somewhere in Virginia, and the home state Chicago. Hopefully I get into like three or all, especially NYU. I want to go there so badly!! Being senior president puts a lot of pressure because a lot is expected. My counselor called me in to see her tomorrow. I wonder what it will be. She says it's nothing to be afraid of. But I am afraid - nervous actually.

How's life on the road? I hope you guys are treating Pearl nicely. That was a generous gift from my uncles. Your channel seems to be blowing up constantly, and your twitter. Did you mention me or something?? Estas chicas están locas. Ni estoy saliendo con ti o los otro muchachos. Honestly, some of them are super rude. I'm more jealous of them. They get to see you perform and all. 

It's getting late and I need to finish a history project. Zayn says hello and gives you the best of luck. He's my only company now. 

- Anna x 

From: Anna
To: Gems
Subject: (none)

Hey Gems,
Long time I haven't talked to you. Ever since Harry left, everything changed. How's things with you and Gio? I hope he's treating you right. If not let me know. 

I just wanted to say hi, and know if Harry has reached you back. I don't want to make myself worried, but - is he okay? Taking care of himself? Is there something I don't know? Email me back soon. I am a little worried. He hasn't responded back to any of my emails. 

- Anna x 

From: Gems
To: Anna
Subject: Re: (none)

Hey love, I've missed you. We should hang out sometime - just me and you. Gio is treating me like a QUEEN. He's so sweet and loving. God Anna, I think he's the one. Lol, I'm sure of it. After my fair share of going out with guys - who treated me like shit - Gio sure is prince charming. 

Just like you, I guess, I've been getting short emails from him as well. Don't worry much, he's a grown kid, who knows how to take care of himself. He's living his dream, Anna. He'll reply eventually - can't diss his best mate. Can he? Love ya! Gems xx

From: Anna
To: Niall
Subject: Hello :)

Hey Ni,
Just wanted to know how things are going. If you have a chance to talk to Harry. Tell him why he hasn't replied to my emails. I'm just worried. Hope everything you guys ever dreamed of is going well. 

- Anna 

From: Harry
To: Anna
Subject: I am the worst friend ever! 

My Anna,
You probably hate me right now. I know you have a reason to be, and I'm so so sorry. Wifi has been horrible at motels and venues sometimes. But, you should be giving me a reason as well missy. I've called your house a dozen times and it always sends me to the machine. Did you change ur number or is ur phone on silent?? I've been tryin to reach u for the past month. It's almost Christmas and look where we are - ignoring one another. 

I miss you, my little Anna. I miss my best friend. Our jokes and pranks. When we were small we'd stay up all night on our walkie-talkies just talking; till one of us fell asleep first. Or that one time, we put goo in Gems's sandwich. Haha, man those were the good days. Now here we are. You're half way to graduating senior year, and I'm here performing in front of thousands of people. I wish you were here to see this. You'd love it. 

Although, I'm playing music now - I still haven't stopped taking photographs. I brought a polaroid thingy and took photos for you. I'll be sending them soon. All from one state. From all my adventures. I wish I was doing this with you. How's my Sam? Having adventures in our home state Illinois, I hope. I saw your Instagram - your hair is getting longer. Those curls getting the air they need. I'm letting mine grow. Also, I got tattoos, yeah I can't wait for you to see them.

Anna, I've probably said this a million times - I miss you. You're my home, you'll always be. When someone asks me if I miss home, it's you I'll be talking about. There's no one, not even my family or the band that makes me feel at home. I miss your hugs. Your laugh and sobs. That night I staid up with u to watch the Doctor Who special on Christmas. I miss your coffee!! All these 7-Eleven and Starbucks coffee can't be compared to ur famous café con leche. It's home. All of it. 

I am so proud of you! You shouldn't doubt urself, Anna. U will get into NYU. You've been dreaming of that school since 6th grade. They'd have to accept you, or they'll have to hear from me. I can't believe it's going to happen - you graduating. I bet that whatever your counselor wants to talk to u, is good news. Do well and stay away from drugs. Email me soon! Miss and love you. 

All the love, Harry xx

From: Anna
To: Harry
Subject: Re: I am the worst friend ever!

Harry, who've always been the worst friend. Remember that one time in the 5th grade we were making oven-clay planets. You ruined my Venus planet! It was suppose to be gold, but you gave me turquoise freaking paint and it came out to be UR-ANUS. Don't think I've forgiven you for that and those other times.

Polaroids?? We're going back to the 80s, nice. I'm going to bring out Mamá's old Menudo t-shirt and wear it. Haha. Anyways, I'm excited to see them. I hope they are appropriate cause I do plan to show them to la familia. 

God, Harry you had me worried. ONE month you haven't replied to my emails. I'm never home when you call. I've got Zayn, remember? He's my company. I've never felt so lonely in my entire life. Even with Zayn here, a part of me is with you. And your Sam  is fine! Just misses his adventure buddy, Frodo - you remember him. I can't believe you're having all this fun and I'm stuck doing the hard work. AND you got tattoos. Going wild I see. I've seen your Instagram too. What's with the black and white aestethic?? You feeling professional or something. You are slowly changing, Harry. And I'm not there to witness it. 

It's almost Christmas. Are you flying home for a week? I miss you a lot. Seeing you for a week will replace that whole month. Gtg, Zayn's first art gallery is tonight. Got to look nice and all. I think something is sparking between Zayn and I - I could feel it. 

- Anna x
P.S. You're my home too. It will always be. 

Text from Harry

Harry: GEMS! She's with him. They're practically together!
Gems: Sorry new phone. Who dis??
Harry: Gemma this isn't the time for a laugh. I'm in a total crisis. Anna and Zayn are going out - aren't they?
Gems: Idk, maybe. 
Harry: Geez, you live right in front of her. How can you not peek through the window and see? She emailed me last night saying that there's a growing spark between them. That should of been my spark. 
Gems: Honesty little brother, you need a project. Meet some people. Get Anna out of your mind for a moment. She eventually found company. You need company too. 
Harry: I mean, I guess. I just regret not telling her when I left - it felt too soon. 
Gems: Have you forgotten about the future? One day, bro - eventually it will happen. Mum and dad want to if you're flying out for Xmas. 
Harry: Yes, we are. We have a week and a half off. Thanks Gems, for the lovely support. 
Gems: Anytime little brother. xx

From: Anna
To: Niall
Subject: Harry's possible GF??

Oh Ni, please tell me he's not seeing those groupies that tag along with the band. I saw Harry's Instagram, and I don't know what to feel towards this. I'm happy with Zayn, but when I see that disturbing photo - the veins in my heart pluck like strings on a violin. It hurts, and I don't know why. I'm telling you this because I've known you all my life and feel openly with you. 

Love, Anna x

From: Niall 
To: Anna 
Subject: Re: Harrys possible GF??

I feel honored that you feel openly vulnerable to me. We have known each other for quite a long time. And the answer is no. Harry's not going out with the groupie gal. I find it odd really. He's recently been going to all these after parties and meeting attractive women. That action came out of nowhere really - he never went out. Always played on his Scrabble app.

That's quite poetic. You were born a writer and now poet. How's Zayn? Haven't talked the lad for a while. I'm not the type to give out advice, but you're jealous. It's simple. You see someone having fun with Harry because it isn't you. And you are in love. That's why it hurts you the most. The most living thing in ur body - feeling ur sorrow and pain. That was deep. It's all I can say. 

- Niall 

From: Anna
To: Niall
Subject: I Am Not

You are mistaken Horan. I can't be in love with my best friend! It can't happen. 

- Anna x

From: Niall
To: Anna
Subject: Yes You Are

I'm not. When Fate brings two people together, there must be a reason. It eventually will, when the right moment comes. 

- Niall 

From: Anna
To: Niall
Subject: Are you psychic?

Will that moment be soon or when I'm at my grave? 

- Anna x

From: Niall
To: Anna
Subject: Maybe or maybe not 

When the right moment comes, idiot. 

- Niall


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