Love, Harry • H.S

Harry and Anna have been best friends since childhood. Now in their teenage years, Anna is nervous of not getting into her dream university and Harry got the chance of a lifetime. Separated and nothing but emails and letters to keep in touch. Follow their friendship, through it's ups and downs, love lives, and what it takes to be there for one another.

2015 copyright of ohnoharry | all rights reserved


1. Author's Note



Hello! It's ISA with a new Harry Styles fanfic,

that was inspired by the novel: Love, Rosie.

The fic is going to be written in letters, emails, and texts

from the different characters I plan to add in. But mostly

all of them will be of the two main characters.

I will add sub-chapters, so you guys don't get confused

at the characters ages or the years have passed.

The story plot of the story is different from the actual

story. I tweaked it out a bit. Overall, enjoy the fanfic.

xx, ISA


2015 Copyright of ohnoharry | All Rights Reserved


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