He loves her so much he would do anything for her. A short story


1. Dwynwen


I watch her from afar even though I don't have to. I like it this way she knows I'm always watching her even when she can't see me which is usually when her friends are around. They wouldn't get me, or understand why she loves me. She sees me wen we are alone and I'm whispering "I love you Dwynwen." In her tiny ears pierced three times. She hates when I use her full name as if it were imperfect. But I love her name, just like I love everything about her. The irony behind her name is that it means to steal just like she stole my life and my heart. She told me the meaning of her name when she met "it's the only thing about my name that I like." That's what she always says. I love her cynical side, but I have gotten to know her to the point where she has shown me her sweet side, She says. "It's not a side of me for everyone to see." It's like my own little secret Dwynwen for me and only me. Sometimes we will meet is abandoned buildings it's where it is easiest too see each other. We will just sit in silence and study each other's faces like it's the last time we will se them. I look into her stunning firework blue eyes, her brown hair frames her face it's soft like and shiny like silk. Her high cheek bones and full lips still make my heart jump when I see her. My friends don't understand why I watch her they say that we can never be together and they ask me what's so great about her anyway I just tell them I love her and she's alive. I tend to put on a dark bruiting front but Dwynwen sees right through me I can tell by the way she looks at me. Why would I rather watch her than be with her 24/7? Because being I can't be with her all the time people don't believe in me and her. Not mention it would ruin the Dwynwen effect, when I watch her I get to see all the things she is embarrassed to do in front of me like really laugh and all the Dwynwen quirks, so basically everything I love about her. Her friends ask about me and say "anyone who doesn't want to meet us and we don't know at all sounds no good." She just brushes them off and says "don't try understand that go over your heads." I love her strength and passion for our love even though people don't like the way we do things. We sit together and she holds my hands with her slender hands and unpainted nails. She noticed that I always have dirt under my nails she asks why it's always there. I smile and say "it's a side effect." She smiles back and says "your not the only one who's a mystery." I take this to mean she knows something that I don't but how I'm always watching her. We never do anything intimate even kiss I tell her we don't connect like that yet. I love her so much I would do anything for her, I would die for her. But since I already did that my job is to make sure she stays alive and doesn't try to follow me just to be with me. I watch her to make sure she doesn't try to die for me. She always asks why she I can't die for me if I can die for her. I just say "sometimes we will have different duties and mine way to keep you alive, yours is to stay alive." She hates it and wants to be with me again I know she is in pain but, Dwynwen my love you must stay alive just for now.

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