He Saved My Life

Carrington is an 18 year old girl who suffers with family issues and bullies. Then he finds her, and changes her life. Thats when she knew she was a Michael girl.

Sorry, the last fanfic got messed up and I had to make a new one, but this one is updated.


7. 7. Here She Was

Michael's POV

Where is she? Did she even come? Is she ok?

These thoughts raced through my mind. I had never been so worried about a girl before.

Why was she different?

There was just something about her... I didn't know what it was. What ever it was, it drew me in.

Then it happened. She was right infront of me in the crowd, we had accidentally made eye contact, yet neither of us pulled away the whole rest of the concert.

I wasn't taking my eye off of her. I was smiling like a doofus, but I didn't seem to care. She was here.

The lights dimmed out and I ran backstage, pulling my guitar off.

I ran outside, looking around for her. There she was, in the food court. I stared her down, making my way over.

She seemed to notice me as she turned her head and looked at me. She got up and yelled my name, running over and jumping on me.

"Michael!" She smiled, digging her face into my shoulder and gripping my shirt.

"Carrington!" I yelled, wrapping my arms around her. I held her tightly.

She was mine.

I would never let her go.

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