He Saved My Life

Carrington is an 18 year old girl who suffers with family issues and bullies. Then he finds her, and changes her life. Thats when she knew she was a Michael girl.

Sorry, the last fanfic got messed up and I had to make a new one, but this one is updated.


5. 5. The Concert

It was the night of the concert. Me and Michael had been talking about it the whole time up until now. He knows more about me, My name. My age. All that. He said he would be looking for me in the crowd.

My stomach turned. What if he didn't find me...... What would happen if he did!?

I was terrified. What if he thought I was ugly? What if he saw my scars and thought I was disgusting!? Millions of questions raced through my mind and I felt sick.

I put on my red flannel and black shorts with black lace leggings and my black hightop converse.

I fixed my nerd glasses and put on a 5sos snapback I made myself. My long, straight gold hair came over my shoulders as I looked at myself in the mirror.

I put on eyeliner and mascara, taking a deep breathe in. Time to go.

I pulled up and parked, Caroline hopping out and me shakily closing the door. I was barely able to move, much less breathe, and we weren't even in the building yet. The line wasn't too big yet, so we went and gave them our tickets and got in.

It was time. I was in the third row with Caroline next to me, butterflies filling my stomach.

The count down started. This was time.

Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

There he was. Michael walked on stage behind Luke. I was on his side of the stadium, so I would be really easy for him to find me.

Im surprised he hasn't seen me yet. He kept on looking for me far in the back for some reason, then down at his guitar.

Then it happened. Direct eye contact. It had happened so suddenly, he immediately smiled and wouldn't take his eyes off of me the whole time.

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