He Saved My Life

Carrington is an 18 year old girl who suffers with family issues and bullies. Then he finds her, and changes her life. Thats when she knew she was a Michael girl.

Sorry, the last fanfic got messed up and I had to make a new one, but this one is updated.


3. 3. Michael

I was in shock.

A twitter notification? Caroline got her phone taken away, so I shouldn't be getting notifications on twitter.

I picked my phone up, getting onto twitter and looking at my notifications.

I froze.

Michael Clifford retweeted your tweet.

Michael Clifford has started following you.

I couldn't believe it. Was it really him? Was it a fan account!? I got on their page. It was him. It was really him. Holy shit.

"Why did you follow the depressed little girl.. @Michael5SOS" I tweeted, still crying.

Almost immediatly, I got a reply.

"To watch over the depressed little girl and make sure she doesn't get hurt again" He replied.

My heart stopped. Was this really happening!?

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