He Saved My Life

Carrington is an 18 year old girl who suffers with family issues and bullies. Then he finds her, and changes her life. Thats when she knew she was a Michael girl.

Sorry, the last fanfic got messed up and I had to make a new one, but this one is updated.


19. 19. The Guitar

I woke up, seeing Michael's calm face as he slept. It was about 9 AM, I snuggled up to him and closed my eyes again.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my waist. Why does this keep happening!?

I was pulled off of the sheets and before I knew it I was laying sleepily in Luke's grasp.

I stood up, leaning onto him as he put his arms around me to keep me steady until I was able to walk myself.

"Thanks." I yawned, walking to the back room where my clothes were.

"No problem." Luke said, rubbing the back of his neck. Me and Luke were getting to be pretty close as friends.

I changed into my lace leggings and a black skirt that covered my belly button and a loose white crop top.

I pulled on my converse, waddling out and getting into a car with Luke.

"So, where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a secret" he said. Suddenly, he tied a blindfold around my head.

"Are you kidnapping me, Luke Hemmings?" I asked jokingly, smiling.

"Hey, you voluntarily got into my car." He laughed.

"So, which would you prefer, a plain black guitar or a plain white one?" Luke asked.

"Plain black." I replied without a second thought.

" Me too." He replied.

A few minutes later, we pulled in somewhere and he turned off the car.

"Don't take your blind fold off!" Luke warned, coming over to my door and guiding me to a place outside.

"Wait here" He said, and I did so.

Then, he came and took the blind fold off. I gasped, seeing a stringless black electric guitar.

"It's so pretty!" I stared at it. Yea, it was a plain black electric guitar but I'd never had one before and it was just gorgeous.

"Its yours. You can do whatever you want with it, it's your own little art canvas to express who you are." Luke said, smiling.

"Why would you buy me this? I am not famous. There is no reason for me to have one and if I ever have to fill in, I could just use the one I had before." I tilted my head.

"Because I saw you admiring the other guitars as you were carrying them in, and you deserve one of your own. With your designs on it, that represents you. And after you and Caroline's performance, Me and the guys chose to let you work with us alot more. Like writing songs, solos, harmonizing, etc. Basically part of the band."

I was shocked. I jumped on him, getting on my tippy toes and wrapping my arms around that giant's neck in a hug.

He smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me tightly.

I got started on it, painting the fretboard and the head white. Then I painted my ARTIST tattoo across the bottom left side of the guitar in the same color as the fretboard and head of the guitar. Then I put a few little white x's in random spots all over it.

I was finished, I felt so proud. Luke loved it to, and then admired my tattoo because he had never seen it before.

We put it in the case once it was dry and made our way back.

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