He Saved My Life

Carrington is an 18 year old girl who suffers with family issues and bullies. Then he finds her, and changes her life. Thats when she knew she was a Michael girl.

Sorry, the last fanfic got messed up and I had to make a new one, but this one is updated.


13. 13. First Kiss

Carrington's POV

Michael stared at me. I was just telling him the truth.

"Why don't you like yourself? You are so amazing, Carrington.." He said quietly.

I looked up, my eyes meeting with his. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling my chest to his and crashing his lips against mine.

Butterflies filled my stomach, my face turning faintly red as I closed my eyes and kissed back.

The world around us faded away with the pain, leaving just me and Michael.

Suddenly he pulled away to the sounds of footsteps. The door opened, there were three guys standing there.

"Michael?" Calum asked.

"Who is that?" Luke looked at me, Ashton eyeing my wrist as I quickly hid the scars.

"Her name is Carrington. She is a friend of mine." Michael said, standing up.

"Well she needs to go. We are all packed up and ready to head out." Ashton said.

I stood up, nodding. "Nice meeting you."

They waved as I walked out. I looked back, seeing Michael staring at me with sorrow in his eyes.

Suddenly, I saw those two men. They were wobbling towards me.

Michael must have seen them too as he ran out and grabbed my arm, quickly pulling me back onto the bus.

The driver started the bus on Michael's command.

"Guys, can she please come with us on tour?"

They stared at him. "We don't have enough room for her, she is a girl, and we barely know her." Luke sighed.

"Plus, she has nothing else to wear." Calum jumped in.

"We can stop by her house, please guys.."

They looked at eachother, then me, then Michael. "Fine. But she has to sleep with you in your bunk." Ashton smirked.

"Is that ok with you?" Michael asked, looking at me.

"Sure?" I smiled a bit.

We drove off, heading to my house.

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