confusing ; hood

in which two people take sudden interest in each other, noticing even the small things.


230. PLEASE READ!! (author's note)

hello!! so this isn't a chapter; it's an author's note.

when i first started to write this story, i was soo grateful that i got 1k views over night. and now it has over 100k.

sadly, in my opinion, this story has gone a bit downhill. i have no ideas on how this book will continue. but you all really seem to like it.

i'm thinking of discontinuing this book, and writing a new one. same concept, same one sentence per chapter, just a whole new plot line.

if i end up doing this, i'll still keep this book up so you guys can keep coming back to it. but i feel like starting a new story would be for the best.

please comment your thoughts!

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