When 17 year old Ivy discovers she posses the power to control all four Elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) she is forced against her will to hide it, but when a close friend betrays her she has no choice but to run, away from society and into Tory's arms the 18 year old boy who shares the same powers together they will struggle to survive in their run from DANGER.


1. Chapter One

I watched the rain patter on the windows and looked out at the mound of people huddled at the bus stop I sat opposite my friend who stared down at her phone the light of it spread on her face, she looks up when I look at her and she sips her latte "Cindy I've got to go now, err see ya" I said and walked out of Starbucks, we are supposed to best friends but things had gotten awkward lately, I eat my blueberry muffin through the rain as I walk back to my house I watch as people ride on bikes and stare down at their phones whilst they walk. I step into my house where the smell of roasted chicken hovers through the air I greet my mum who is by the stove boiling carrots and sprouts her blond hair falling out of her messy bun I walk past my fathers study he is hunched over a pile of paperwork and typing vigorously on his computer keyboard he turns around and gives me a tired smile I return it and carry on up the stairs, to my room.

I look in my mirror that is just above my height I am drenched my black hair is wet through and stringy and my pale skin full of water droplets I look at my features closely and see a tiny nose and dark grey eyes almost similar to the colour of wet pavement I pull myself away from the mirror and take a shower I dry my hair and walk down for dinner, I help my mum set the table and we wait for dad to come out of his study when he does we eat. It's quiet like a normal dinner between us but then my mother says "Ivy me and your father have been meaning to tell you this for a while now, when you were mature enough" she pauses and looks at my father who nods. I put my knife and fork down and listen, my mother continues "we may sound absolutely crazy and you may-" "mum just tell me" I demand close to shouting it she looks down and carries on without looking back up again "your not from this planet..." I almost burst out with laughter a giggle slips from my mouth and suddenly my mothers face looks both angry and hurt my father just prods at his food "its true Ivy, and because of that you, you have certain powers... Powers that can control the elements, but only fire, water , earth and air" she sighs and tucks back some of her hair my father decides to explain all of it to me.


After I walk back to my room to think about it my father said that we lived on another planet called Panscha we flead  because of a great war that was caused by the humans of this planet wanting to mine on it my mother said that our caves were lined thick with coal and beneath the ground was a long gooey river of oil they pleaded with our people but we refused so they decided to take it by force only a few thousand on our planet with the apparent 'powers' that I have lived and made a new home on planet earth our features aren't a problem seen as we look just like humans, but my powers are, my parents said that one day those with the powers to control the elements will take us back to our planet. My mother had burst into tears when she and my father had finished telling me I came up here to get away and clear my head. I wonder what my home planet must  look like, my mum said it happened six weeks after my first birthday so I hardly remember it. What if there are others like me, did our planet have the same technology as this one or was it more or less advanced? I bite my lip like I do when I over think things I slump on my bed and fall into a  dreamless slumber.



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