In the future

In this Movella I will turn everyday objects into futuristic ones.

Do you have any ideas that I can transform into futurist ones? Well just comment them and I will try to transform them.


1. My Imaginary Future

In the future: in this Movella I will change every day objects into what I think they will be in the future.

Swimming pools:

the swimmer will have the ability to change the temperature in just seconds. They will also be able to get refreshments by typing in what they want. There refreshments will arrive through a hidden pipe that will shoot the drink right to the persons hand.


You will be able to change the softness of the beds. You can also make them float in the air or move around allowing you to lie under the stars until it gets cold and then move quickly back inside. At the press of a button all your blankets will rearrange themselves.


You can see a 3d image of the person you are talking to. It will also sound like they are in the room. There will also be a touch ability meaning that the caller can hold hands with the 3d image.


cars will be vintage and only limited amounts of them will be left. Instead their will be skymobiles. Skymobiles will have jets and will zip around with ease and can go wherever you want them to,without you driving.


There will be an area in which the game will be played. The players will feel as if they are in the game and can run, fight or do whatever the game requires. No remote will be needed and everything will be controlled by your voice.

Just comment if you have any ideas.


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