She make me cry on the inside but hate her to her soul on the outside but which is it?


5. Too many

~~Deck's POV

After an hour we finally got to see Asuna and she looked beautiful I loved her even more and when I think about it she wasn't that ugly her eye color was dark brown her hair was black she walked around the school wearing a fat piece of braces gear in her mouth but no one cared but I do because I love her but I don't know why

Asuna: hey guys

Yoshiro: hey sexy

Asuna: don't talk to me I still mad at you

Yoshiro: Okay bitch

Asuna's POV

That night I moved in with my sister  I had just showered and slid down banister in underwear and bra when I hit the floor I ran in the  kitchen and turn down the rice on the stove and I heard a knock at the front door I headed to the door and opened it to see Klein Deck Yoshiro Ivory Madison Ray and Max

Yuri :Hey guys

Yoshiro: Hey sexy

Yuri: guys um I just wanted to have a get together

Ivory: Yuri what are we going to do

Yuri: I don't know Yet

Klein: Let's play the four

Madison: how do  you play that

Klein: easy we all sit in a circle the youngest girl goes first and counts each player by her name and the she lands on a person that person chooses for her tell a rumor she's spread  a secret she's holding  a kiss or sex  and then the person that it has  been chosen leads the game

Yuri: cool but me and Asuna are twins

Klein who came out first

Yuri: me

Klein: so Asuna is younger

Ivory: I'm 16 November  8

Yuri: 16 may 13

Madison:18 Feb. 2

Klein: Asuna goes first

Asuna: okay A-S-U-N-A

Madison: lucky me so hmmm I got it kiss

Asuna: okay

Klein: guys be careful I get turned on real quick

Asuna: French kiss

Madison : no pucker up buttercup

Asuna: "kisses Madison"

Madison : ok M-A-D-I-S-O-N

Klein: happy day for me you a virgin

Madison: No

Klein : cool head upstairs for your prize

Madison: Shut up dick

Klein: okay K-L-E-I-N

Yuri: Kiss

Klein: ok  "smooch"

Yuri: ugh Y-U-R-I

Deck: ok

Yuri: secret

Deck: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Deck: oh yea last summer I went the yacht without you guys


Klein: hey madi-

Madison laid in the bed doing a finger pointing signal meaning come here Klein's friend got excited Klein took off his shirt and got onto the bed  took of his pants and boxers them began to kiss while Klein groped a half an hour later Yuri had shook the sheets with max  Deck got with ivory Asuna and Yoshiro  Ray left

Crazy Night huh well you'll find out what happened next chapter












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