She make me cry on the inside but hate her to her soul on the outside but which is it?


2. The New Girl

~~Yoshiro: Guys I bet the next girl that walks through that door will be hideous

Friends: All right 20

Yoshiro: Okay

Friend#1: If she is you got to pants her  "Smiles"

Yoshiro: Okay and If she isn't you got to rip her shirt off 

Friend#1: Okay

Asuna walked through the door  and blushed  and smiled looked around the room and Yoshiro grabbed her arms and licked her  neck and began to laugh as his friend Klein ripped away the orange shirt with a rainbow star smiling on her shirt  . Asuna stood there blushing

Yoshiro: BONUS

Klein pulled down her pants revealing her pink underwear with she immediately slapped Klein and punched Yoshiro and Klein slapped her Yoshiro's friend Ray crouched behind her and Yoshiro pushed her leaving her to trip as her body slammed against the ground she shivered and wished she wasn't there tear dripped from her eye  as she noticed the laughter and pointing at her and she wished she was gone and more and more tears dripped as Yoshiro looked at her and kept laughing. Names yelled like bitch whore slut and more made her cry after that day kids called her striper

On the day of Halloween she was at home and there was a knock at her door

Asuna: coming

As the door was repeatedly knocked at Asuna ran down the hall and she opened the door

Yoshiro: Hey nice crib

Asuna: Yoshiro what are you doing here

Yoshiro: You mean we

Asuna : So what are you guys doing here huh

Yoshiro : Here to have fun with you 

Asuna: I'm cool by myself so bye

Yoshiro: I don't think you are

Asuna: Um  I sure I am

Yoshiro: I don't think you are but I think we can help you

Asuna : GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoshiro : You don't scare me

Asuna: What do you have in mind

Yoshiro: Do it

Klein picked her up and walked  her to her bed and smiled saying good luck you'll need it 

Asuna: What's up you guys thirsty

Yoshiro: Yeah for you take it off bitch

Asuna : What off

Yoshiro :Your clothes

Asuna: But

Deck: And we're live

Asuna: Yoshiro please don't make

Yoshiro: Do it or I'll post this on Youtube

Asuna: But I ok

Yoshiro: Do it

Asuna: "Begins to cry"

Yoshiro: Aw shut the fuck up Bitch and strip

Asuna took of the white tank top and undid the orange bra and took it off and teared up Yoshiro stared at her an grinned

Yoshiro: choose your places I call Vag

Deck: mouth

Klein : The back!

After an hour the three were finished with her

Deck: That was Awesome You showed me what that mouth could do  "laughs"

Klein: Your tight if you know what I mean

Yoshiro: I came inside and she's a virgin

Klein: You're damn right "laughs"

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