She make me cry on the inside but hate her to her soul on the outside but which is it?


3. The fire

~~Asuna's POV

That day I got home I cleaned my room and began to undress I was naked I turned on my shower  I bathed and walked down the hall and then  made dinner

The front door swung open a person in a mask grabbed Asuna and ran outside Asuna outside naked ran in the house escaping the random person  the person ran after  her and the roof fell in around her was a fire she screamed for help

Yoshiro's POV

Me and My friends we're watching The News

Women : Today in a small town called Carrofield  A house was destroyed with two people in it

Yoshiro: that's Asuna

Klein: That fire got her ass good

Deck: ain't nobody going to give a fuck man No one likes her fuck her besides no one watches the news we should make her feel self neglect and pretend like no one knew what happened

Klein: Look I know I don't like her but that's fucked up I mean like it's messed up

Yoshiro: Klein is right

Deck: you can't talk about messed up first you took her virginity second  you recorded a foursome third blackmailed her fourth you posted a video of her being raped fifth you striped her

Yoshiro: Why are you getting so  worked up  about this

Deck: because I.. I like her

Yoshiro: You What!

Deck: I don't know why many reasons  I mean she's cute she gets all her work  done she's single I can see a temper deep inside her

Yoshiro: But' whatever

Deck: Now that I've told you guys do you think it's okay for me to visit at the hospital

Yoshiro: sure

Klein: I don't give a fuck

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