The model (L.H.)

Luke met a girl that caught his eye will they date?


1. Roxane

Roxane's POV- hi I'm Roxane but you can call me Roxy my full name is Roxane Carly Jameson and I'm one of the wolds sexiest models although by myself I'm a total fan girl and an older sister btw I'm 18 and I have a little sister named Kylie Marie Jameson and she's 16 we are both super popular at school and yes I still go to school I want to go to Stanford university so bad when I go to college. I also have a huge crush on Luke hemmings from 5 seconds of summer and we have talked before but only twice and that was a dm on twitter. He is so fine! Sorry it's sort I half to go but I will update all the other story's including this one late-Gracie petal

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