Pain, fights, and love *Muke*

Drugs, cuts, tears, and pain is how Luke Hemming's life was.

Bruises, smoking, cuts and a eating disorder is how Michael Clifford's life was.

But, one night at a party it all changes for them both.


1. School isn't for me.

-Luke POV- 

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" Went my alarm. Ugh school. I groaned and rolled over to stop my alarm. I layed there for a second, and thought. Do I want to go to school today? I closed my eyes, I then fell asleep for about ten minutes until I heard the most worst thing ever. My mum. 

"Luke.." my mum started "wake up, you have school soon." She took my blanket off my head and looked at me. I looked back.

"What?" I groaned. 

"I can't look at my son. My handsome boy." She kissed my forehead. I quickly wiped it off and closed my eyes again. 

"Stop it Luke, now get up and get dressed." She opened my curtains. The brightness hurt my eyes and I groaned very loudly. 

"I'll be downstairs. Make sure you take your pills too." She closed my door and went downstairs.

I got up and rubbed my eyes. I went over to my curtains and shut them again. I hate the sun, it's to bright . I went in the bathroom and got undressed, then took a shower. I got out and wrapped a towel around my waist. I looked at myself in the mirror. I stared at the marks that covered my skin. I walked out of the bathroom and went to my closet. I picked out a black long sleeved shirt, my black ripped skinny jeans, and my black converse.

I went in the bathroom again and fixed my hair a little, but my hair didn't seem to like what I was doing to it. So I just grabbed my beanie and put that on instead. I grabbed a box full of pills from the cabinet and took some pills.     

One for depression.

Two for anxiety.

One for panic attacks.

Once I took all those I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. I saw cereal on the counter, waiting for me. I grabbed the bowl and sat down next to my mum on the couch. It was silent, and awkward. I felt as if she was staring at my cuts and scars. But really, she was looking at the tv watching the news. I finished eating and put my bowl in the sink. I looked at the time, 6:45. 

"You have everything?" My mum said getting up and looking at me. 

"I think so." I thought for a minute, I did forget something. 

"Wait, I forgot something upstairs." I ran upstairs and went in my bathroom. I took out a blade and put it in my pocket. I ran downstairs and grabbed my backpack. 

"Now I'm ready." I said to my mum, catching my breath from walking up and down the stairs. 

"Okay, so lets go then." She got her car keys and opened the front door, I walked out and got in the car. My mum, slowly got in and buckled herself in. She started the car and looked at me. 

"What?" I said in a annoyed tone.

"Seatbelt." She said with serious eyes.

"Really mum, the school is only like. 2 minutes away and I need a seatbelt." I looked at her, she didn't look happy. At all.

"Then walk." She gave me a look that made me scared a little. I hate walking to school, and she knows that. I grabbed my seatbelt and put it on. She started driving down the road, it was once again. Silent. 

"You have therapy after school. I'll be at work so you have to walk there, and dinner, well, that's your choice." She said. But I didn't answer, I wasn't going anyway. It doesn't even help, it makes it worse sometimes. We finally got to school, and I could see everyone looking at me already. 

"Have a good day sweetie." My mum said in a happy tone. 

"I'll try." I mumbled.

"What?" She said in a confused tone.

"Nothing bye." I slammed the door and walked into the crowd of students waiting to go inside. I tried to avoid everyone and all their comments about me. 




I started tearing up, but I held it in. The bell rang and everyone went inside, they all went to their classes. I went to mine and sat in the back, my usual seat, and went on my phone. The teacher walked in and told everyone to put their phones away.

"So today class we have a new student..." Oh great, another person to make fun of me and call me names. "This is Michael Clifford." A boy walked in, and oh god was he gorgeous. He had green hair, a red long sleeved shirt on, black jeans, and the same shoes as me. I looked at his eyes, he looked at me. We stared at each other for a second which felt like forever. But, the teacher interrupted us. 

"You will be sitting next to.." He looked around the classroom "you will be sitting next to Luke Hemmings, Luke please raise your hand." I raised my hand, and once again the boy and I locked eyes. He walked over and sat down, the teacher started talking and I listened. But, the whole time i felt I was being watched. I was working when I felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked over, it was the boy again.

"Hi, Luke right?" He said, he sounded so beautiful so. Gorgeous. I nodded, and looked at his eyes. 

"I'm Michael, as you know since the teacher said my name." He giggled, and it made me die inside.  

-Michael POV-

I looked at the boy who raised his hand in the back. The first thing I noticed was his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes. I walked to the back and sat next to him. It was a little awkward at first but i surprisingly got really comfortable around him, I felt, safe around him. 

"Hi, Luke right?" I finally broke the silence between us. He looked up from his paper and nodded. 

"I'm Michael, as you know since the teacher said my name." I giggled, he looked like he needed a drink, or some fresh air.

"So, how many friends do you have?" I asked, he looked as if he had many friends and was the popular one in school. A kid walked past our desk and said "Faggot." to Luke. Wow, that boy should be sorry he said that. He should know that he's talking to the popular kid in school.

"None." The boy finally said.


"I have no friends." The boy seemed like he was sad a little bit. 

"Oh, well maybe. We could be-." I was cut off by the bell. The boy got up and walked out fast, and for the rest of the day. I didn't see him again. 

*-End of the day-*

-Michael POV-

I walked out of school, I saw my dad waiting in his car. I thought my mum was picking me up but I guess she's at work. I walked to where my dad was and got in the car. 

"Hi dad." 

"Don't 'hi dad' to me." He slapped me hardly.

"You didn't eat today. I found your lunch in the trashcan, and your breakfast wasn't even touched." He slapped me again.

"I-I'm sorry dad." I covered my face, where he slapped me. He started the car and drove home.

I quickly got out and ran to my room. I locked my door, and cried. I hate it when he slaps me, now i have to go to school with a bruise on my face tomorrow. ugh. I got up and grabbed a cigarette. I lit it and smoked, it felt good. Like a relief. I smelled food, and gagged. I got up and opened my window, I threw the cigarette.  It was getting late and I was getting tired. 

I went in my bathroom and took a shower. I wrapped a towel around me when I got out. I dried my hair and got dressed. I grabbed my guitar and started playing it, I instantly felt more calm and relaxed. I looked at the time, 11:30. I felt tired and so I put my guitar away and layed in bed. I set my alarm for tomorrow and closed my eyes. I fell asleep, and dreamed about the one and only, Luke Hemmings.

-Luke POV-

I walked out of school and saw that nobody was there. Oh wait, I have therapy. I started walking to therapy when I got a text. 

From: Mummy 

Are you at therapy yet? 

To: Mummy

Almost, I'll see you when you get home. 

I arrived at therapy and walked in, I waited until they called my name. 

"Luke." My therapist said. I got up and followed her to a room with a couch and a chair. I sat down and she did the same but in the chair.

"So Luke, how have you been." She asked.


"Have you been taking your pills everyday?"


"Good, so how has the cutting been?"


"How many days clean are you?" 

"1 hour."

"Now Luke, you have to stop that. You can get very hurt from that."

"I know. You say that every week." 

"I'm trying to help you Luke."

"I know. How much longer until i go?"

"Well it seems we have ran out of time, so i guess you're lucky."

"Keep taking your pills and stop the cutting." 

"Sure." I got up and started walking home. When I got there nobody was there, I opened the refrigerator and warmed up some pizza. I got a slice and sat on the couch, then went on Netflix and watched a movie. I soon finished the movie and the pizza and went upstairs.

I went in the bathroom and got undressed then took a shower. I got out and dried my hair, then got dressed. I walked over to my bed and sat down, i got out my blade and cut my wrist 5 times and my legs 13 each. I wiped the blood and layed down, and I set my alarm on my phone. I closed my eyes and dreamed about one person, Michael Clifford.


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