"It's a tradition, we have to keep it."


2. Ch 1

The sweat was running down my face as I walked up to the free throw line.

I take a breath.

There are people in the bleachers, watching intently as I line up for the winning shot.

I bend my knees.

The coaches look at me expectantly, knowing that I had been practicing all summer.

I let out the breath.

My teammates stand beside me, ready for whatever happens next.

I take the shot.

The ball is halfway through the air.

It hits the rim.

It goes in.

Then the buzzer goes off.

Everyone is cheering as my team runs up to me.

The buzzer is still going.



I wake up.





It was my alarm clock.






I groan and roll over so I can turn off my alarm on my IPhone. I then hear my Mom yell from downstairs,

"Eli! Wake up! Remember you have tryouts today!"

"I know Mom!" I yell back. I had been awaiting tryouts all year. Practicing, more practicing, and more practicing.

I reluctantly sit up and put my legs over the side of my bed. Then I stretch and get up to head downstairs.

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