My Journal //

This is a collection of journal/diary entries from my own experiences.( Warning: most of this is sad.)


1. Day 1: 9/26/15

I woke up feeling chilly. I began to drift off back into my slumber, waking up two hours later. I chose to leave my now messy bed, to feed my stomach which is growling hungrily. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a blue glass bowl and filled it with waffle cereal and milk. I open my computer, finding myself typing in my information for my personal Facebook account. A half hour later, my mother wakes up telling me about how my hair look dyed an auburn color. I asked my father if I could dye it auburn, he said no. I begged to dye it black, he said no, so my mother left the house to buy brown hair dye. My hair was naturally brown, but I dyed it blonde, and chose to dye it brown again weeks later. My mother returns with hair dye. "Knock, knock." Someone knocks on the door. Oh, it's my brother with my handsome nephew. They watch football with my step father while my mom dyes my hair. I received a text from my friend, asking me if I would want to go to comic con with her. I said yes, then going onto the computer deciding what to roleplay..I chose superwoman. I stayed on the computer answering questions for useless surveys, only to get free gift cards rewarded for wasting my time on them. So now, I'm just laying in my bed 5 Seconds Of Summer blaring through my earbuds while I type this to you all about how my day is. Basically, I've had a nice day today. Hoping for another tomorrow.

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