Superwoman (C.H)

Has anyone stalked you before because for Cecelia calum dose


2. Derrick

Cece's POV- I walked to my locker and got some books out then I walked to my first period it was math. There was this new kid named Derrick Jean and he kept writing sexy letters to me during class but the one I hated most was "hey sexy,you and me would make a nice pair that and I want to hear you moan so loud that everyone in Asia can hear you!" And "nice shoes lets fuck slutty bitch!" I fuvking hate Derrick I just want to slap him all the way to next year I mean seriously! "Hey babe what's your name anyway?" Derrick asked "it starts with a C and ends with an E or A you choose" I said quite mad. "Is it Cecelia or Cece" he said "how did you know!" I said scared "your math notebook says "Cece's math book" he said I just look down and giggle "but how did you know my name name is Cecelia?" I ask "let's just say I can see you through" what the hell dose that even mean I question to my self. "Hey Derrick" I said "yeah" he said "STFU AGDIAH!!!" I said (I got that from bill cipher the best writter I have ever witnessed,bill if you read this your awesome!!!) "what the hell dose that even mean!" "Shut the fuck up and go die in a hole!!!" I yelled "wow sexy and feisty I like it" he said I saw he was getting a boner thankful the bell rang and I ran like my life depended on it out of that classroom to my second period.

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