Superwoman (C.H)

Has anyone stalked you before because for Cecelia calum dose


1. Cecelia Angeline Jennings

Cecelia's POV- hi I'm Cecelia Angeline Jennings but you can call me Cece I'm 18 yrs old and I have long hazel hair and brownish green eyes. I have a 15 year old sister named Emma Paige Jennings she has long dirty blonde hair and green eyes she's like my dad and I'm like my mom. I'm rich aswell, but the worst thing about being me is that I'm a sexy slut the the boys but super popular I mean I don't care what the think so yeah. There's this one guy named Calum Hood and she thinks different of me and he's super popular as well. I have a slight crush on him hehe. So this is it for now I hope you like it so far-Gracie Petal that's my name btw If you where wondering.

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