Beyond The Dark Secrets: The Mystery Within Part 1

Beyond The Dark Secrets is a book series for mature reading audiences only.

The first book of volume one is about three African American teenagers who never knew the past will haunt them again. The only way to stop the pain is to go back to Diamond City where they first started. If they choose to go back, will they survive, or will their deaths be forever a secret?


2. Chapter 1

          "Ever wonder what will be like a freshman in high school? A little fish in a big pond they said." Derrick explained to DJ as they get ready to leave eighth grade graduation. DJ gave Derrick a look he never seen before. "You know this is 2014, I'm sure that phrase is in the past now," he replied. Derrick became suspicious with his friend "Are you okay? Ever since 20-" "No, just don't remind me of 2011. It's just the past....a terrible past." They both finally reached the exit as they found a walking by herself depressed.  "Hey Camille, Over here!" Derrick shouted. Camille spotted her friends and ran to them as fast as she could. "Guys I know we're not supposed to see each other ever since 2011, but I can't resist seeing my two best friends," she said with joy.

           "Tell me about it, for once I just want peace and quiet." DJ exclaimed. "It shouldn't be hard to recognize the innocent from the dumb and weak" "How exactly?" Camille asked him. "In other words, 2014 and so on would be nothing but annoying kids showing off their Iphones and stupid quotes from people who have no lives on the internet, and it will be just annoying man." DJ replied. "Anyway let's just go," Derrick urgently said wanting to head home. The group started walking to each of their houses, far behind them was a black 2014 Toyota Corolla, and inside a woman with binoculars is spying on them. A loud static from her walkie talkie surprised her.

             A man's voice was heard as she pressed the button, and questioned her "Did you find them yet?" he asked her. The ravishing Russian woman replied with her beautiful accent "I'm not so sure" "What do you mean `You're not so sure`" he asked aggressively. "I told you look for the three African Americans who had that man arrested three years ago. I even gave you the file with pictures of them. Are you that blonde?" The woman realized about the file and looks at each of their photos, and it struck the woman's eyes.

          "Wait a minute, I think that was them," the woman explained. She observed the pictures very carefully. She wondered about the teenagers, remembering the faces of  each person. Realization came into her sharp mind and as fast as possible, she reached for her walkie talkie and exclaimed "Yes sir I found them they-"

         The woman looks up at the windshield, and noticed that the two males and female were out of her sight. "Damn it! Lost them sir," the frustrated woman said. In a raging voice, the man shouted "Ack! What am I paying your dumb ass for?" He took a very deep breath and calmly gave her a second chance. "Okay so you found them. Do you have any idea where they might be heading or do you have a known location of where they might live or- wait a minute were they leaving middle school?"

         "Yes, are you gonna-" "Me? Ha! You are going to encourage them to go to Diamond City we need them they might be the last generation of these heroes," the man urgently gave the order. The woman let go a facial expression. "W- wait Diamond City? D- do you think they'll survive ten seconds there?" she questioned her boss. "If they caught the most wanted man for the murder of 2,000 women and 3,500 children around the world, while in the fifth grade, I'm very sure they can survive." the man answered as his reply.

           In a snap, the woman focused on her main assignment "Okay sir I won't fail you." The man was pleased by her approving the assignment. "If you bump into them, keep them alive. Out" he added. "Sure I'll keep them....alive," she laid down her walkie talkie on her passenger seat next to her seductive red lipstick and cellphone. A smirk entered her features when she took off the blonde wig and let her darkness black hair free. 

          The light of her touchscreen blew on and the ring of her cellular device alerted the woman once more. She calmly looked at the device, and pressed the green telephone. She pulled off her jacket, and under it was a bloody scarlet dress. She answered "Sereena speaking, I found them." Another man's voice struck the ears of Sereena.

         "Aah the beautiful assassin Sereena Royal." the amused man said. Sereena grinned "The money, do you still have it? You remember what I wanted, right?" she questioned the man from the other side. "Only if you completed the task, it shouldn't be hard like you said" he replied with the mouth of sarcasm. "I will have my revenge once that money is mine, I get to have my husband back and finally for three years" the woman said desperately. "Remember Sereena `take care of them for him,`" he reminded her.

        "Okay if it doesn't work then go ahead and bust him out we'll have our revenge together" Sereena said. The man from the other side was kind enough to let it be plan B. "Fine by me. Now go take them out!" he gave gave the order more aggressive than the other man with walkie talkie. "Understood, out" she replied. She reached for the car's sun visor and  inside two .45 XD-S handguns, both with suppressor and laser sight attachments. "Oh, Melina and Tanya, my two lovely, deadly sisters. You two must be thirsty for blood, don't worry mama's gonna feed you." She put them back in their places and the mysterious Sereena drove off to find the three teens.

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