All Soul's Day

A short story about woman visiting the grave of her belate mother.




    Strings of her black hair blew in the crispy wind. Several strands covered her dry pale face and her bright red nose. It was a miserable day. The sky was a dark gray. No ounce of blue could be found. The tall barren trees covered the landscape around her. Masses of their dead leaves covered the earth's floor. And, covering the tombs that surround her everywhere.

    She was all alone with the exception of the graves, the lifeless trees, and the cold bustling wind to keep her company. However, in her cold trembling hands she held a single flower. A light purple flower. It was the same color of her long winter coat that was less than barely keeping her frail body warm. 

   Below her feet was a tombstone that she had been staring down at for several minutes. A clean tombstone. One that has been cared for. One that was important to her.

   "Hannah is doing fine," she said to the tomb, "This is her first season playing soccer and she has been made goalie. Alex is doing good too. He is particpating in the science fair at his school this year. Walter, however...I'm concern for. Since entering highschool last year, he doesn't speak much. Nevertheless, I have been hearing praises from his teachers...I think that's good sign...I hope. And, John he's coming home later than usual, but this is not new. He has come home late from work few times in the past...I don't think...I don't think he's cheating on me. However there are times I feel he is hiding something from me...Well we are all doing fine. I'm doing fine. My business is gaining new consumers everyday.  I was able to employee two new people last week and so far I have no complaints from my employees...Everything is okay."

   Soon after speaking she went back to silence. The wind picked up its pace and drops of rain lightly began to shower down on her and the grave. However, she stood there silently. She stood there silently on her thin railed legs. She showed no inclination of leaving.

  "I hate you," she muttered to the grave. Her eyes grew teary as she then said once again, "I hate you." She then tossed the purple flower at the grave and went on to say, "I hate I was never good of enough to you! I hate how I was failure to your expectations! I hate how you disapprove of my clothes! My cars! My house! EVERYTHING!...even my husband."

   Her tears now were uncontrollable and the boogers from her nose were dripping onto her chap lips. However, she did nothing to brush the mess on her face away. Instead, she knelt before the grave and begin to whimper. "I hate.." she sobbed, "I hate how I can't compare to you as a mother! I hate how I ignore all your cares for me...And I hate..And I hate that you left me!"

   The wind suddenly started slowing down, but the light showered rain was now coming down harder. She was immdiately drench, however, she didn't care. She grabbed a tissue began to wipe the gooey snot from her upper lip. Afterwards, she crumbled the dirty tissue deep down in her pocket and then said to the grave, "I'm sorry. I promise the next time I come back I'll be a better mom and the day...will be a better day."









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