Thoughts Of An Eight Year Old Girl


3. Diary Entry Two

September 27, 2015

Dear diary,

Today, when I got home from school, my mommy and daddy were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. I heard sniffles, and saw my mommy crying on the couch. I asked what was wrong, and my daddy said he'll tell me later.

I was really worried. I didn't know if my mommy was sick, or was moving away from us, like my friend Colten's mommy did to his daddy.

But I knew my mommy loves daddy too much to leave us.

I went to my room, and picked up my favorite book, and placed it on my princess bed. I then changed into my favorite froggie footie pajamas and Laid on my bed. I waited patiently for my daddy to come in. Maybe Maybell, my auntie's horsie, passed away. She was really old. But I will be very sad.

I wondered what my daddy and mommy were crying about. Maybe it was the movie. But it was a happy movie. It was called "Waterbabies" I loved that movie!

Then my daddy came in. He told me my mommy was very sick with something called cancer. I heard about it before, but never thought mommy was going to get it.

I started crying. He said it happened in the Lungs, and my friend Eva had the same thing, but she's up in the sky now. It was really sad and scary.

"Is she going to see Eva?" I had asked. My daddy started to cry as well, and just hugged me and left the room.

Sometimes, I feel like no one listens to me.

a/n soo, I honestly don't know what this is going to lead to.

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