Thoughts Of An Eight Year Old Girl


4. Diary Entry Three

October 4, 2015

Dear Diary,

Mommy and Daddy have been fighting more. I think it's about money. My mommy went to the hospital a couple days ago, because she was bleeding a lot. One time, she was coughing and blood was in her mouth. It was really gross.

Anyway, my friend Skye is being really mean to me. She called my mommy disgusting. I got in trouble when I said she was a poopie head. But she was being mean and disrespectful. This boy, when Skye said my mommy was gross, he laughed. I did something my mommy did to my daddy. I put my middle finger up. I got a ticket to the principals office.

I don't like my principal. She smells really funny. she smells like cats. And is always covered in fur. And she always says principals are your pals. But I don't believe it.

When I got home, my mommy wasn't there. I asked my daddy where she was. "Your mommy is very sick, and she is in the hospital." He had said. He was crying, and I never see my daddy cry. I went to my room. He was drinking a lot water, I think it was. It was in a very fancy bottle.

And now I'm here, writing in this small journal that my mommy gave me for my seventh birthday.

Well, that's my day, and I need to pray for mommy. I wish her luck!



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