Two Sides Of Life.

this story contains the life of a man who finds his way while he is stuck in an ultimate reality.


1. Memorys..... much fear around me. I feel like I can hear people screaming in side my head, wake up Johnny, stay with us. I can see people around me in blurred vision. In there white crisp uniforms running around me. There is pain an all section of my body, i feel so parallelized. All attention and rush of it gives me so much fear. The shear pain of it all, happening on repeat. The memory's repeating over and over..... remembering.

I was feeling disconnected to the world around me. I am seeing her almost living body lying on the bed. My mums cold face facing me so, pale. She looks at me with such sadness. The fear glinting beneath her eyes but still viable to see.The doctor had sent me a letter earlier on that day saying,

Dear Sir, Madam,

we are sad to inform you your mother is dying. She has this condition called MS. This is where all the bones in your body stiffen, over time the bones stiffen more and more and, its hard for you to fight infections. Over a long period of time her  body will get confused and starts to attack its own nervous system. She is experiencing a lot of pain in all parts of her body. We have been giving tablets to your mother however because of her old age these tablets are not getting though. So we are in informing you she is in the hospital. We are doing our best to keep her alive. You must not lose hope.

Yours faithfully

Mr Godwin

My mum was always good to me, i remember that day when the rain was poring outside. I was 10 years old standing beside my mate (billy). It was so cold and the light was dim with the rain was not showing any sines of stopping. It was my fault  i made the map up which led us into the middle of no where, and by this time me and my friend had given up, as we sat down with the rain drenching our cloths then i could see  two bright lights and the distant shape of a car heading toward us. We both stud up and to our surprise it was my mum. She had left work to find us. Apparently she had put so much hard work into finding us.

After spending half an hour at hospital i decided to leave mostly because it was to over whelming for me to stay. Stepped outside into darkness and headed for my car. drove home almost into tears. I suddenly parked up in a random high street and started to cry. I looked up at the car so maybe my tears would fade then i quickly got out of the car so i could get something to drink from a corner shop. Stroking all my tears away on my hand.

I began to cross the road. I see the street lamps guide my way across the  gritty old road. Then i see an old friend walking down the pathway the other side of the road. She was my very close friend  when we were 18 now in am just 30. I start to walk across to say hi. Maybe she noticed me. Then i quickly wave to catch her attention.She didn't look at me but this did not stop me from going to see her. Then i heard screeching to the right of me and two bright lights rushing down the road. I suddenly step back in horror to see that the car is heading for me. My old friend Emma looks at the car and me and screamed out


Just in that moment i pull my legs away to get out of the shock. I try to head to the other side of the road. All my emotions catch up, making it hard to move to the other side. My eyes instinctively wanting to watch the vehicle hoping that it might slow down or turn. All this happening in my last few seconds. . . . . . Then i hear a loud  horrific screech and i am on the ground. . . . beat.. beat ...beat ...beat, my heart beats. So much pain. There in front of me is Emma  so bleard i can hardly make out her face. I can see the panic she holds rushing to do something, but what. My thoughts are taken of that when i can feel more pain a can't even move. All my musculs ach so much. Every time i try to move more pain and suffering is added. I just want it to go to hope that my body fights it or somebody cures me.

I close my eyes hoping that it would ease the pain, that seemed relentless to stay in my body. Then  i relax as much as possable this seems to make it easer to bear the pain. Then suddenly i see whiteness sround and 3 people rushing around me wearing white uniforms. I can hear the loud mumbles of the people as they try to hide the fear that they hold. Is it the rushing and the noises that scars me the most also knowing the pain will not end.                                                                          


"Aaaaaa." I say, as a fummbeled hand presses on a part of my body that hurts the most.                                                                                                                         The noise begins to get louder and the panic gets worse all of this is so overwhelming, i just can't handle this any more. Water begins to form from my cheak and my arms. So much panic so much suffering. I feel like time is slowed down. Just go! I don't want this! I am screaming in my head leave, go go . . . . . .go go!






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