Her Love

Out of blue, Nathan Rivers is called by his ex-fiancee to care of their son he has never seen or contacted, awhile she is in the hospital for surgery that may not...be successful.


2. TWO


“That!..That boy,” gasped Nathan as he remain still at the entry doorway with his face, however, towards Rosanna. Though he made attempts earlier on listening to the child's and Rosana's conversation, he had failed, however, in getting a clear view of the boy's facial features.


“I see you were listening in on the ending of our conversation,” giggled Rosanna. Thus, he regain his attention on the giggling woman before him. Before him ah was the woman he could never stop pining for. The woman he could never seem to grasp and sometimes even never seem to understand.


“The boy in here earlier is your son,” she said, “He is the reason why I call you here,”


“Hmph, so it is in your desperate hours of need that you call me,” he scoffed as he regained his composure. Hence, he walked and sat himself in the stool that the child before sat in. However, the stool was too small for him. It was so small for him that it cause his knees to stick out. Nevertheless, despite the discomfort, he used his knees as arm rest as he crouched over.


The grease in his dark brown hair was now gone. Thus, his hair was in its natural state of being a messy mane and the one strand that had bother him earlier was once again sticking up.


Suddenly Rosanna began to giggle again. “What's funny?” he remarked. It annoyed him that she could be so calm around him after so many years of separation they had away from each other.


“Your creases. They gotten bigger,” she giggled. Oh, how he wanted to be cross with her, but nevertheless he couldn't. Especially with her smiling tiny almond eyes gazing upon him. Thence, he sighed then smiled, “It's been a while yet you look the same,”


“You too,” she grinned back. Her reply oddly enough made him flushed, but relieved him. In truth, he was actually very nervous to see her. He was greatly nervous that she would be taken back by his aging appearance for it had been so long since they had last seen each other.


“Rose, why am I really out here?” he sighed as try making attempts to get himself comfy in his stool. His tiny stool.


“I said it earlier,” she replied, “ Your here for Peyton,”


“The boy can stay with your mother. It is not necessary for me to be here,”


“Do you really feel that way,” she said sternly at him. For a moment there was a calm, but intense silence between them as they gazed upon each other other in that cold spacial room. It last for awhile till he look away to glance at the view of the setting sun outside the window. Thus, he gave out a long sigh as he made attempts with his long fingers to comb back his unruly dark mane. At the end what seem to be never ending sigh, he went to utter, “It has been almost nine years since you last contact me. Nine years ago you did not want my help.”


His eyes now were on her again, but now they were glaring. Before she could, however, make room to speak, he went to huff, “ You did not want my aid, but now you do. You expect me to drop everything to cater to you now? What makes you think I will?!”


“I trust you,”




“Nine years ago you signed a paper stating that you will be the guardian of our child,”


“Oh! So you expect me to take up my promise now! This is boldshit, Rose! I don't even know what this child looks like!” he replied back. He had wanted to get a rile out of her, but instead she began to chuckle. Little tears sprouted at the bottom lids of her green blue eyes. “Every year I mailed you scrapbooks full of pictures of him,” she said, “I even would call your office to invite you to his birthdays...I...I had always open my arms to you. It was you who always rejected.”


He looked away for he was now embarrassed. She was clearly right and he was in the most definite wrong, but still for her to argue she had trust him was inexcusable. For if she had trust him, they would have been married at present.


“Peyton is my only son,” she said so after, “He is the greatest gift I ever received. Why would I not want the best for him? Why would I not want to share him with the most important man I had ever met? Your right. I have always been a stubborn woman. I am stubborn to the point that I can't stop thinking how important you are to me.”


Once again their eyes were locked in a deep gaze, but this time her eyes showed her sincereness and her fighting spirit. She was not going to give up. She was going to make sure that he was going to leave her room keeping his word from so long ago. Nathan knew this. He knew he was going to have to give in.


“Tomorrow I will pick up the boy from his school,” he said. Suddenly he felt his tie being tugged towards the bed. Before he could react, she kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thank you.”


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