Random Shiz *a rant book*

I just have a few thousand things to say just like you.


1. Let Me Say Shiz


 I want you to know why i'm making a rant book, and why I've decided to write a story that I wont get any money for or anything.

 1. This is as creative as I get for writing books on the internet, though I write fanfic in notebooks at home I like to write more casual stuff online.

2. If your reading this, thanks. I don't expect anyone to read this at all but if I was wrong when I was typing this then, I knew I put enough tags on this book.

BOOYAH! YAY!! THEY READ MY BOOK MOM! (Just incase someone reads this book.)

3. The actual reason that I am writing this book is because I thought it would be funny. I realized I have a lot to say about annoying parts of my life. It's perfect to put them on the internet, which is ruled by opinion, freedom of speech, and memes.

 Ok, here's the definition of a rant book.

 Rant Book; NOUN

 A collection of spelling errors, short paragraphs, a lot of explaining, and really annoying stuff.

BTW I really don't want any hate on this book so maybe you can just think anything you have to say about me. 

 I'm probably just typing for no reason an nobody will read this and my future self will start advertising this book in different book's comments and it will catch on and I will have brought ads to Movellas. I only have,like, one follower, this will probably happen.

BTW, I hope your reading this, One Follower.

  Anyway, this book might be offensive sometimes, maybe not but really plz let me say shiz for no reason, I am truly sorry if this book is offensive to some people, but i'm pretty sure something you think is offensive to someone else, and you may have offended someone with that OP (offensive opinion). (And by opinion I mean you think something   that's not  wrong. It's thinking something wrong if it is wrong is right which is really confusing, its if you think that something that is factually wrong is right no matter what which is really annoying.

 My inspiration for Random Shiz is a rant book on Wattpad by Ginawriter and the cover of the book. I've fused them together to make a pessimistic version of pointless stuff that hopefully you'll enjoy.


 BTW, don't laugh if I've been typing to nobody and nobody read this book, just keep reading and hope this shiz gets good.




 You didn't see what I typed above because I said it.


(I haven't come up with anything to end my chappies with.)

 P.S These are Bobby, Billy, and Matilda Narwhal: o.o :) ^.^

I will be hiding them throughout the book.

This one is Shaquanza Street: 80 -8-< ( Look sideways,she has no arms. You can call her Street).

 Now it's time to post this thing and see if you read it.


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