Cover Store OPEN

If you comment, I publish your cover within and hour or less of your request, unless I have technical difficulties. Covers for any story.
Please give me credit when using my covers.
I do profile pictures also.


1. Rules

How this cover store works. 


I ask that you use the cover for at least a week. and you MUST give me credit, it is highly appreciated. 

I respond very fast, and my covers are good. You will get your cover within the hour, unless my web app doesn't cooperate, which it does sometimes, so, in that case, please be PATIENT. I love making covers, and i never deny anyone, unless the cover, has references to drugs, sex, alcohol, or cuss words. in which case i have the right to deny. Please, Please already have an idea for your book, because i absolutely hate it when people request covers, and end up not even writing the book. Because, i work hard on my covers, and would appreciate if they went to use. Thanks


Cover Form:







specific extras: 



Profile Pictures: 


i no longer do profile pictures on this book. go to my anime profile pictures store, and request. You can request for non-anime pictures, i just specialize in anime. Other kinds of profile pictures, are exceptable to request. 





XOXO DanielleCullen

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