Battle Scars

17 year old Emily Banks is bullied by everyone. Her family, her school, people online... They all hate her. She gets pushed against lockers, smacked, and kicked, and no one seems to care. Until, her bully starts to notice her scars, and her smile. Her beautiful smile, the one he has so ruthlessly taken away from her. Can Emily's bully save her, before it's too late?

*trigger warning*


11. Discontinued

Hey guys! Ik a lot of you have been waiting for updates and I've been thinking a lot. It's been so long and I'm not the same person i was when I began writing this. Not only is the writing crappy but the storyline is stupid and I don't want to continue. I've created a wattpad account if you want to follow me there, and hopefully I'll begin writing again. Love you all!!! (My wattpad is / aussie_hemmo )

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