Battle Scars

17 year old Emily Banks is bullied by everyone. Her family, her school, people online... They all hate her. She gets pushed against lockers, smacked, and kicked, and no one seems to care. Until, her bully starts to notice her scars, and her smile. Her beautiful smile, the one he has so ruthlessly taken away from her. Can Emily's bully save her, before it's too late?

*trigger warning*


10. Chapter 8

Luke's POV

"Luke," she starts, but I cut her off. "Emily, I love you so much, and I'm glad I admitted it. I've loved you since the fifth grade. I love how you never try too hard to look good. I love how you're beautiful but you don't know it. I love how you're the strongest girl I've ever met. I love you, Emily. I can't believe I made this, I made you like this. I can't believe it." By now a few tears are silently falling down my cheeks.

It's been two weeks since I brought Emily to this shitty hospital, and I've only left her to shower and sleep. I start to stand out of my stool next to her bed, when she reaches out and stops me. "Luke, please stay." She pleads, looking into my eyes, knowing she's got me wrapped around her finger. "Are you sure?" I ask, happiness flowing through my body, she doesn't want me to leave. "Positive." She responds, her voice lifting as she cracks a grin. I climb under the scratchy hospital sheets with her, and she immediately cuddles against me.

"God they don't make these things comfortable do they?" I chuckle in her ear, I feel her laugh vibrate into my stomach as her back moves up and down. I decide I want to make her laugh every day. Her laugh is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." I whisper in her ear, thinking she's asleep. To my surprise she flips over in the bed, turning to face me. "Why me?" She whispers quietly. "What do you mean?" I say. "Out of every girl in the school, why'd you pick me? You could've had a senior, you could've had a model, you could've had anyone, anyone's ten times better than me. I'm just a worthless-" I cut her off, pushing my warm lips onto hers. She closes her eyes, and I deepen the kiss. I wrap my hands around her, securing her to me, as I show her how much I love her. I pull away and say, "because you're 100 times better than any girl out there."

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